—“Broadcast Yourself”

One of the fastest growing alternatives to TV and viewing movies in a theatre can be seen online, at places like Tagged as the place to “broadcast yourself,” has recently gotten heavy press for the launch of the 11-minute short “MySpace: The Movie” by the 21-one-year-old David Lehre. Lehre’s idea was to capture the people and the types of things that happen on the popular online community. MySpace, which ranks #1 in Label Networks’ North American Youth Culture Studies, continues to gain in popularity, not only for it’s community connections, but as a place for small retailers and manufacturers, and, well, just about anyone to spread the word about their business, ideas, promotions, team athletes, events, and so on. may very likely be the next step in youth culture’s DIY-ism via entertainment with make-your-own-movies. For example, YouTube receives 20,000 self-made films each day, of which 15 million have been viewed. “MySpace: The Movie” has already been viewed by over 3.5 million people (mostly young people who get it), and is one of the most popular new films on YouTube. “MySpace: The Movie” has also gathered the attention on Al Gore’s Current TV, a youth-based consumer-driven network, which has aired the short film as well.


For David Lehre, what started as a self-made project has also earned him notoriety among MTVU which plans to support Lehre’s fledgling career and air his movie in the near future. is a place to watch in terms of measuring the fast-changing landscape of self-made entertainment and how this will affect the entertainment industry in the near future.



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