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Action Sports Retailer Trade Show Showcases a Strong Platform for Surf, Swim, Skate, Moto Brands Despite Economic Upheaval September 11, 2008
All the big action sports brands were there, rallying despite the economy or maybe because of it, but even more exciting were the smaller brands, brand debuts, and excellent ancillary programs that made the Fall ASR Show interesting.
Hair and Accessories Trends Give New Meaning to Indie-Cuts, Color, Braids, Feathers, and Other Cool Coif Motifs August 21, 2008
Youth culture trends in hairstyles and hair accessories are increasingly more important in defining (and constantly re-defining) one’s personal style. This photo report delivers fresh inspiration from what’s on top.
Yellow Packs a Punch in Youth Fashion—Where It Came From and Where It’s Headed Next August 18, 2008
In this exclusive photo report, we take a look at the growing popularity of yellow and why the trend started in the first place.
Colette X The Gap: The Cool Concept Store from Paris to Open Pop-up Shop with The Gap in Downtown Manhattan August 16, 2008
Colette X The Gap: The Cool Concept Store from Paris to Open Pop-up Shop with The Gap in Downtown Manhattan Jul 1, 2008 By Bernadette Matroka Photos by colette In an odd collaboration, colette, the uber-cool concept store in Paris that is always among the first to offer up limited-edition accessories, apparel, jewelry, hats, music, etc. is teaming up with The Gap in Manhattan to create a pop-up shop from September 6 through October 5th.
Backpacks, Bags, Purses?New Key Finds in Styles Add to Unique Back-to-School or Back-to-Work Fall Looks August 14, 2008
Whether you?re actually going back-to-school or not, Fall always brings with it a back-to-work feel, and with it, new trends in bags, purses, and backpacks. Label Networks? carefully edited street style photos from North America, Europe, and Japan deliver the latest on what to expect and why.
Fashion X Religion: Designs, Brands, Bands, and Action Sports Movements Inspired from a Higher Power Among Growing Subculture Redefining the Street Fashion, Sports, and Music Industries August 4, 2008
Religion is the newest old-school inspiration giving rise to new fashion designs, mags, websites, bands, merch, action sports movements, and a growing consumer sector.
Big Hearts, Peace Signs, and Rainbows among Key Accessory Icons Making Fresh Statements Using Old Symbols—Label Networks’ Photo Report Tells the Story July 30, 2008
40 carefully edited photos from across the nation provide inspiration from leading-edge accessory styles in jewelry on both guys and girls—all of which tell a directional story with iconic statement pieces and styles, heavy metals, colorful plastics, beads, chains, and crystals.
Vests Top Must-Have Layering Piece among Youth Culture Fashionistas as Summer Styles Move into Fall July 25, 2008
One of the more notable post-gender fashion movements of summer has been the incorporation of vests as a key styling piece. First seen in Texas, New Mexico, and Florida, the styles captured pockets of leading-edge fashion players across the U.S. and Canada. Fresh photos from Label Networks deliver the scoop.
Children of the Revolution: Bohemian-Rave Chic among Youth Markets Redefine Expectations for Back-to-School and Street Styles for Spring/Summer ‘09 July 22, 2008
While recent fashion runway shows illustrate S/S09 fashion as moving classic, even pin-up, youth culture street styles are moving in the opposite direction with mash-ups of bohemian chic, rave, synth-pop rock influences, developing an altogether original style.
Nu Rave Fashion’s Evolution: Street Snaps from Label Networks’ Reporters Capture Subculture of Styles, Colors, Inspirational Brands, and Their Muses July 14, 2008
New takes on neon, steovepipes, accessories among youth culture have created fresh concepts in the subculture of nu rave fashion, moving now towards synth-punk ‘80’s with hip-hop/hyphy influences.
Hot Topic to Launch ShockHound—MP3’s and Tunes to Raise Profile of Selling Band Merch July 10, 2008
Band merch continues to be the hot product for Hot Topic and starting next month with ShockHound, could grow exponentially.
Anime Expo Fashionistas Showcase Latest Trends in Styles Impacting Mainstream Fashion Including Gothemo, Maid Café, Goth-Lolita, Cosplay, Visual Kei, J-Rock, Accessories, Collectibles, and Backpacks July 9, 2008
Where else can you see some of the most extreme fashion and accessories in the world but at the fantastical expo of Anime. Label Networks captures key looks sure to inspire fashion-forward designers globally.
“Gothic & Lolita Bible” by Tokyopop Provides Insight Into the Victorian/Music-Inspired Japanese Street Fashion Trends Behind One of the Fastest-Growing Subcultures in America June 20, 2008
One of the most distinct style trends in the world, and a source of inspiration among top designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo, the “Bible” provides details about the history, designers, top brands, and DIY trends of this growing subculture of lifestyle fashion.
Dragon Goes Private, Bucking Trends of Building-up to Get Acquired; Label Networks Looks at Youth Market Consumer Preferences for the Brand, Plus Data on the Size of Market, Spending Patterns, and Opportunities in Optical Lifestyle Accessories June 17, 2008
Going niche may have been a strategically good move, however the real story lies within how the market has changed in terms of price points of sunglasses within youth culture, and the new size of market and opportunities presented by the growing importance of youth lifestyle accessories in general.
Jockey Hats—The New Lid In Town June 13, 2008
Horse-racing hype has inspired street fashion-forward milliners to create jockey hats, which could be the next fedora or fitted cap to appear on fashion-players this Fall, especially those with a penchant for prep, equestrian styles.
LA Fashion Market’s Designers & Agents Show and The Park Showroom Offer Fall/Holiday Collections in Unique Showcases that Many Buyers Prefer to Trade Shows June 10, 2008
Discovering new denim brands such as Pratt’s Motor Spirit, catching Drifter’s Fall/Holiday collection, along with Preloved from Toronto are just some of the things easily done at the intimate show Designers & Agents.
Sunglasses—Who’s the Top Brand Now + Why: Label Networks’ Fresh Data on Sunglasses Trends, Brands, Spending, + Size of Market Indicate Who’s Leading the Pack + Where New Opportunities Lie in this Crowded, Colorful Marketplace June 5, 2008
The importance of the sunglasses marketplace is revealed in Label Networks’ fresh data from the Spring Study 2008 about who’s hot + why now big-box retailers are getting into the shades industry; plus the styles leading the charge this summer.
Urban Influences + Skateboarding’s Evolution = Skurban Redefined for 2008: How Urban Culture is Influencing Latest Trends in Sports, Street Fashion, + Lifestyles June 4, 2008
Assessing latest trends in urban youth culture + the impact on sports, fashion, music, + lifestyles, Label Networks brings together the latest scoop on skateboarding, fashion influences, pros with influence, data, + industry players that are pushing the evolution of what’s been reluctantly coined as skurban.
Street Fashion X Graffiti Art at THELABELLAB Exhibition at Crewest Gallery Featuring Drifter, David and David, Pretti Vacant, with a Special Feature “Bomb It”—The Graffiti Documentary May 22, 2008
The 2nd Label Lab Exhibition providing street fashion designers with the opportunity to reflect their brand through artistic interpretations took place last weekend, drawing a mixed crowd of fashionistas, artists, designers, + media, as the momentum of street fashion X art continues to spawn new ideas and interpretations of creativity.
Face-paint Completes New Rave-Hippy Looks Already Topping Upcoming Summer Styles in North America and Europe as the Mash-up of Make-up + Paint Take on New Meaning May 20, 2008
New looks achieved through face-paint may seem as though youth culture is copping the Lost Boys’ steez, but instead, playful usage of colors paired with head accessories make the fun fresh looks altogether warrior-savvy.
Mama Clothing is One of the Few Streetwear Labels for Women on the Market Today—Check-out What They Have to Say About their New Collection, Collabs with New Era, TooFly, Adidas, + the State of the Women’s Streetwear Industry May 10, 2008
Street fashion for young women is being lead by brands like Mama Clothing, which are inspired from a wide range of genres from politics, East LA cholo culture, flappers, ships, art, music, and other things. Label Networks TV catches up with the designer/owner at MAGIC for an insider look at what’s going on.
White-on-white, Neon Splashes, + Lego Accessories—Nu Rave X Hip-Hop Culture = the Future in Upper-Street Style May 9, 2008
Street snaps of style captured in this story reveal where the next mash-up is headed and why.
Backpacks + Bags—Summer Season Accessory Trends Bring Freshness to this Growing Marketplace May 7, 2008
Backpacks, purses, and card-holders for the summer season provide loads of cool options as young people borrow liberally from past trends, little kids, military motifs, and music culture.
Coachella Music + Arts Festival Mixes Pioneering Performers from Prince to Portishead with Burgeoning Artists Like Metric, Data Rock, and Hot Chip, Resulting in a Ripple-Effect that Will Impact Music + Culture April 29, 2008
As festivals continue to become the venue of choice for musicians, this year’s Coachella with its mix of reunion bands + new bands provided a massive kick-off of what to expect to hit the marketplace over the next few months. Label Networks’ has the inside scoop on the hottest bands making the greatest impact.
Alice Bands, Metallic Headbands, Feathers, + Flowers Provide New Accents on Key Summer Hair Accessories for Both Genders April 29, 2008
Not just a female look anymore, guys are just as likely to wear skinny Alice bands or metallic headbands. This summer, expect head adornments to be the key accessory in completing one’s personal style—especially if you’re not wearing much else thanks to global warming and scorching summer weather predictions.
Coachella Music + Arts Festival Kicks-off Summer Styles with a Nod to Retro, Rave, Boho, + Bathing Suits, Unofficially Making It THE Place to Spot Upcoming Summer Trends—Part 1 April 29, 2008
Neon reflections recontextualized with hippy; ravers in cowboy boots; metallic one-pieces, bikinis, + sheer cover-ups, men in short-shorts (Speedos and fanny packs) + much more are among new summer fashion mash-ups that will have designers scrambling to define key looks as their own. Label Networks delivers the best in festival fashion—Part 1.
Urban Lifestyle Profile Report: Skurban, Urban Freeflow, Freestyle Rolling, + Fixed Gear: How Urban Culture is Influencing Latest Trends in Sports, Street Fashion, + Lifestyles April 16, 2008
Assessing latest trends in urban youth culture + the impact on sports, fashion, music, + lifestyles, Label Networks brings together top stories, data, brands, + industry players that are pushing the evolution of global youth culture today.
Grn Apple Tree Street Fashion Brand Keeps Music-Inspired Roots for Fall ’08 Collection, but Among New Leaders Moving to Clean Looks with Political, Punk Attitude in Wovens, V-Necks, T-shirts, + Denim April 12, 2008
A favored brand of LA DJ’s and punk -inspired style leaders, Grn Apple Tree’s moves clean but keeps its collage-art, punk-political roots which has made it a coveted underground street fashion brand. Label Networks TV captures the story.
Leroy Jenkin’s Continues to Push Trends in New Directions for Progressive Street Fashion with a Mix-up of Woven Shirts, Collegiate-Inspired Jackets, Fitted Caps in Florals Resulting in a Unique Sports + Art-Inspired Collection March 20, 2008
Inspiration for Ron Upperman from Leroy Jenkins comes from art and sports which makes their collections stand apart, starting with their signature polka dot splatters on wovens and reversible cotton hoodies, not to mention their twist on the fitted cap with florals, and quiet but cool tonal branding.
Street Fashion Meets Art at the Premiere of THELABELLAB Exhibition at Crewest Gallery Featuring Cardboard Robot, Miss Wax, Andrew Hanson, + Original Hip-Hop Chocolate March 17, 2008
Label Networks’ debuts the LABELLAB Exhibition at Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles providing a completely refreshing dimension where street fashion meets art as selected brands showcased their collections via artistic installations with pop-up retail options attracting a crowd of industry players, designers, musicians, artists, + press.
Shanghai Brand Eno Among New Crop of Top Women’s Contemporary Streetwear Brands from China Taking Local Inspiration to New Levels + Introducing Americans to Original Apparel March 8, 2008
Up-and-coming brands such as Eno from China are redefining the meaning of street + contemporary fashion out of Asia and now introducing North America to fresh takes on cutting-edge designs from one of the ultimate new hotspots--Shanghai.
WeSC, the Street-Contemporary Fashion Brand from Sweden, Featured Top Activists’ Artists in an Well-Curated Art Show at Robert Bergman Gallery Attracting a Who’s-Who List of Street Artists, Action Sports Industry, + Press March 7, 2008
WeSC continues to push trends when it comes to the cross-over of international street + contemporary fashion, art, + grassroots marketing with the opening of their We Activists’ art show at Bergamot Station opening night of the new Class fashion trade show in Los Angeles.
Accessries Report from Label Networks’ Global Youth + Street Culture Fashion Presentation Highlight What to Expect in Key Accessories among Youth Culture for Summer + Fall ’80 March 6, 2008
Accessories have an even more important roll in style when it comes to youth culture fashion because it’s an easy, inexpensive, + changeable option for expression. In this Accessory Report, Label Networks looks at key accessory trends among young people, including the importance of specific electronics, packs, dolls, headphones, among other new aspects that are re-defining the concept of accessorizing.
Street Fashion Meets Art at THELABELLAB Exhibition Premiere at Crewest Gallery Featuring Cardboard Robot, Miss Wax, Andrew Hanson, + Original Hip-Hop Chocolate March 4, 2008
Label Networks’ presents the 1st LABELLAB Exhibition to take place in downtown Los Angeles, providing the backdrop to see street fashion in completely refreshing dimensions.
Sneak Peak Inside Label Networks’ Presentation “Global Youth + Street Culture Fashion Trends” at MAGIC February 13 + 14th—Topic: What to Expect on the State of Retail + Youth Culture Markets February 13, 2008
Backed by authentic street-level knowledge from Label Networks’ primary data, plus cutting-edge photography + video from across North America, Europe, Japan, + China, Label Networks’ MAGIC presentation covers topics about emerging trends in street fashion, influences from technology, music, + DIY aesthetics, specifics on T-shirt graphics, denim, accessories, sneaker culture, + collabs. This presentation is available to Premium Global Youth Culture Subscribers for 2008.
Agenda Trade Show Offers Tighter, Smaller Show, But Delivers Top Brands + Trends in Street Fashion and Action Sports Crossover January 29, 2008
Label Networks + The Label Lab deliver an insightful trade show overview of what took place at Agenda in San Diego among top street fashion brands, footwear, + accessories, plus trends that will certainly influence 7th Avenue designers in the near future.
Volcom Acquires Electric Visual Evolution for $25.25 Million—Label Networks Takes a Look at What This Means + Where the Brand Ranks Among Youth Culture + Opportunities for Growth Based on Demographics January 21, 2008
Volcom buys Electric Visual in a move to keep stockholders happy, which it’s doing as indicated by the 10th Annual ICR Exchange Conference. Label Networks has the numbers of where Electric actually ranks in sunglasses preferences among 13-25-year-olds in the U.S. + where the market potential lies.
Sunglasses as Key Accessories to Fashion Styles Indicate Changes in Size of Market Opportunities + Trends—Fresh Data on Top Brands, Spending, Plus Street Photos on Trendiest Looks December 18, 2007
Forecasts via street trend photos + consumer preference data about top brands + size of market indicate the importance of the sunglasses marketplace on global youth culture fashion and why now big-box retail is getting into the shades industry.
Lipstick Prophets + Pretti Vacant = Two Women Brands That Know the Value of Shared Booth Space to Attract Leading-Edge Buyers Interested in Punk, Kitsch, + Updated Designs December 4, 2007
Updated hoodies + burn-out loungewear are among key items in Lipstick Prophet’s winter collection, whereas Pretti Vacant provides a glimpse into Plexiglas jewelry designs including owls, boomboxes, anchors, and snakes.
China’s Top Accessory Trends + Why, By Label Networks’ “Cred Reporters” Reveal Where Things are Headed in Youth Culture—Part 2 of Fresh Fashion Report - Subscribers Only November 15, 2007
As the largest new consumer market in the world, knowing what’s going on in China is important even for the smallest brand or retailer. In Part 2 of the upcoming 3rd Annual China Youth Culture Study, here’s a look at what’s hot in Accessories and the importance of this market in China.
Ugly Doll-Like “Nomsters” + Mexican Wrestling Face Mask Pillows among New Version of Urban Toy Culture Coming Out of Mexico City November 13, 2007
In a fashion culture inspired by folklore, Mexico City has a thriving urban vinyl toy scene, but also plush character dolls and pillows which have become key accessories in various collections, similar to Harajuku-style doll accessories.
European “Cred Reports,” Highly-Anticipated Editorial Reports from Tastemakers Across Europe Covering Top Trends in Fashion, Accessories, Retail, Music, Current Events, Technology Now Available! - Subscribers Only November 12, 2007
Insider trendsetters across Europe tell it like it is regarding the state of fashion, retail, music, accessories, + technology, plus where they believe things are headed next in Label Networks’ “Cred Reports” released from Europe this week.
Super Thin “Alice” Bands Provide New Twist in Headbands + Re-introduces ‘50’s Bouffant with Rocker-Edge November 12, 2007
Hair accessories continue to make waves in style, not only among girls, but also guys, particularly the advent of the super thin headband, also known in the UK as the “Alice” band.
China’s Top Fashion Trends + Why, By Label Networks’ “Cred Reporters” Reveal Where Things are Headed in Youth Culture - Subscribers Only November 5, 2007
As the largest new consumer market in the world, knowing what’s going on in China is important even for the smallest brand or retailer. Our Weekly Analysis provides insight on fashion trends taken from Label Networks’ Cred Report--a highlight to the upcoming 3rd Annual China Youth Culture Study to be released mid-November.
Cinnamon Roll Gang Bring Characterizations to Bags –Among Key Accessories in Blue Chips’ Fashion Fair at the Urban Woman Experience “Within” Graffiti + Rap/Hip-Hop Event October 21, 2007
In a unique event that highlighted the female side of urban culture, the Urban Woman Experience attracted hundreds of people curious to see what’s next in graffiti art + street fashion.
Menswear Designers Orthodox + Endovanera Revitalize Cropped Jackets, Short Pants, + Street-inspired Suits in Part 2 From GenArt Fresh Faces Fashion Show October 19, 2007
Combinations of street + civility provide 2 up-and-coming menswear designers with a significant edge as illustrated at their premieres during GenArt Fresh Faces. Part 2
GenArt Fresh Faces Fashion Show Features 12 Emerging Designers With New Sources of Inspiration + Style Signaling What’s Next October 16, 2007
Many of today’s top new designers had their careers launched thanks to the Fresh Faces fashion runway show from GenArt. At last weekend’s 10th Anniversary, CW Christian Weber, Orthodox, + Su-Tahn were among favorites creating new looks for the future.
Graffiti + Urban Art Gallery Crewest Collaborate with Companion Bag Brand Cocaine Mule for Unique Fashion Week Showcase Bringing Accessories + Art Together October 15, 2007
Hundreds flock downtown LA’s hottest graffiti art gallery to check out the art-bag fusion with Cocaine Mule in an extraordinary series of one-of-a-kind art bag pieces.
Fitted-Caps Popularity Through Limited-Edition Drops Redefines Style Through the Traditional “Baseball” Hat—Photo Montage of Key Cap Trends Across America October 1, 2007
Baseball hats are here to stay in American fashion, but the latest LTD’s and graphics have elevated fitted-cap culture into a key accessory in youth culture fashion.
Crocheted + Knitted Hats Brings Get-Crafty Vibe to Headwear Accessories for Fall September 21, 2007
Handmade hats among new subcultures in streetwear that bring back the era of DIY accessories among young women.
DB Clay Transforms the Wallet Market from Duct Tape Billfolds into Storytelling + Eco-Friendly Pieces of Original Art September 18, 2007
Wallets can be a “pocket art gallery” as Benjamin C. Diggles of db clay explains to Label Networks about the leading-edge designs that have given new life to the old-school wallet marketplace.
Steven Shein the Product Designer Re-Invents Jewelry with Pop Culture Aesthetics Attracting Wide Range of Buyers + Boutiques September 18, 2007
People stopped to stare at his collection at United fashion trade show because his pieces and the display, not to mention the designer himself, created an aura of excitement around jewelry that’s often missing when it comes to youth + street culture today.
Cocaine Mule Creates Bags, Totes, + Packs with Systems That Provide the Everyday Pack-Mule in All of Us Greater Simplicity +Way More Style September 10, 2007
Instinctual modularity is not an expression you often hear when it comes to cool bags, yet it’s this philosophy, not to mention style, that Cocaine Mule has created and therefore setting new trends in this market.
Official Crown of Laurel Fitted Hats Delivers New Twists on Colorways + Styles, Turning the Coveted “Baseball” Hat into a Fashion Keepsake—LNTV Live Interview September 5, 2007
Official’s fitted cap styles and patterns are delivered fast and setting the pace of trends, which in this category has moved beyond the typical sports version and into leading-edge streetwear style.
United Trade Show Creates Streewear Atmosphere with Fresh Alternatives in Fashion, Brands, + Show Concepts Re-Defining the Movement September 4, 2007
Trade show week in Las Vegas continues to splinter away from MAGIC with up-and-coming tradeshows particularly focused around streetwear. Here’s the leader in this new direction.
Elephants + Hearts Among Key Accessory Themes for Necklaces + Charms for Coming Season   August 28, 2007
Often animal themes get picked up among streetwear and hold tight for a season or 2. Just as sparrows ruled last year, this time it’s elephants and hearts.
Metallic Over-sized Puff Bags Bring Bling to Style August 20, 2007
Large puff bags among stylish girls in metallic colors add bling to summer and fall wardrobes.
Multi-colored Hair Stripes + Angled Cuts with Facial Piercings Among Key Choices of Personal Expression in American Youth Culture Style August 20, 2007
Hair has become a key “accessory” when it comes to personal fashion and expression in youth culture today, with new explosive directions in multi-colored stripes in strategic locations paired with facial piercings.
Accessories Profile Report—Youth + Street Culture Fashion August 20, 2007
In this Profile Report, we provide consumer insight data based on a representative sampling of more than 5,000 young people between the ages of 13-25-year-olds across North America, including their preferences and influences when it comes to Backpacks, Sunglasses, and Watches.
Facts, Figures and Trends: Tiny Backpacks, Cartoon Patterns, Animal Bags Among Top Backpack Trends in Youth Culture August 19, 2007
Kid packs are in among young people in North America with animal bags and cartoon themes for back-to-school backpack accessories. This analysis includes top brands, size of market and pricing.
Beautiful Society Pulls Inspiration from Martial Arts, Music, Graffiti, + Politics to Create Messages + Solar “Processes” Resulting in Collections that Push Limits August 17, 2007
Two cousins create unprecedented streetwear by following their lifestyle passion for positivity, yin-yang designs, and technical processes that literally give light to graphics.
Mishka NYC Uses Intelligent Humor + Microscopic Details Resulting in a Walking Storybook of Streetwear August 16, 2007
With statements like lyrics, tiny tentacles and muscle men as patterns, Mishka NYC is a streetwear brand that attracts the discerning buyer looking for a fresh take on unique style.
Urban Meets Art, Street Meets Rave, + The Joker’s Wild Among Top Fashion at Sneaker Pimps Show August 9, 2007
Sneaker culture events always bring out a unique crowd of fashionistas and the latest Sneaker Pimps event was no exception.
The Grn Apple Tree Blends Punk + Politics, Nature + Technology with Marketing in Japan to Be 1 Step Ahead—with video August 7, 2007
A favored brand of DJ’s and punk and rave-inspired style leaders, Grn Apple Tree’s Cody Debacker provides an inside look at just why the brand’s so coveted in underground fashion.
New York New Rave July 31, 2007
Integrated elements of rave’s bright colors and retro vibe make their way into New York City’s streetwear scene but with an ironic mix of accessories and eBay finds.
Leroy Jenkins Collaboration with Royal Elastics + Launch of Apparel + Cap Line at United Brings Out Old-school Florals, Polka Dots, and Paisley in Streetwear July 28, 2007
Satin baseball and puffy leather jackets, polka dot and floral V-neck T’s, new caps, and a sneaker collaboration elevates Leroy Jenkins to a new level.
Tiny Rope Hair-Bands for Retro/Contemporary Looks Among Key Accessories for Youth Culture in Parts of America July 22, 2007
Hair accessories have evolved from the wide headband into the thin rope band that keeps hair in place, almost matted, creating a contemporary look from a retro vibe.
Swarovski Crystals’ “Crystallized Elements” Show Illuminates the Possibilities of Artistic Expression Through Crystals in Streetwear July 19, 2007
Adornments outside of the realm of graphic art through use of crystals provides a new landscape of possibilities beyond bling as illustrated in the Swarovski exhibition in Barcelona.
Sunglasses in iPod White Among Key Color Trends for Eyewear in American Youth Culture July 16, 2007
White’s classic, clean, retro, and cool, which are just some reasons why America’s youth culture are all into white shades while in Europe, it’s still all bright rave.
Oakley Bought by Luxottica for $2.1 Billion in Cash June 24, 2007
Sunglasses giant Luxottica buys Oakley, taking out the next big player in the business and leaving few independent brands left in this market segment.
United Los Angeles Store Opening Introduces Exclusive Streetwear Apparel with Mix of Japanese Brands including Afterbase, Product, Mad Foot, + American Brands Born Uniquorn, Cipher, Free Gold Watch—with video June 5, 2007
The guys behind United Trade Show that made an unexpected splash in fashion when it premiered in Las Vegas next to MAGIC last spring, have opened a boutique in the heart of Hollywood called United Los Angeles featuring rare Japanese denim and brands, one-of-kind fashion creations in T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and sneakers, all in a unique retail setting offering fresh streetwear and lifestyle products for guys and girls.
New Themes in Graphics Continue Push Towards Making Statements in Streetwear Style June 4, 2007
Graphics in T-shirts, hoodies, caps, sneakers, and even denim in streetwear continue to push the boundaries of making a personal statement within one’s fashion style. Top graphics include skulls, weaponry, environmental motifs, graffiti-inspired lettering, crowns, money, politics, plus new moves in the all-over print prints.
J-Rock or “Visual Kei” is the Freshest Japanese Fashion Revolution Now Infiltrating America’s Youth Culture Landscape May 29, 2007
J-rock or visual kei is the freshest fashion trends coming from Japan making a major impact on underground styles among America’s youth culture. Key influences in anime and music inspired J-rock style appeared en masse last weekend at the first J-rock Revolution festival in Los Angeles as the top 9 Japanese J-rock bands came to town including Kagraa, alice nine., Miyavi, DuelJewel, Vidoll, Mucc, girugamesh, Merry, DespairsRay, and the founder of the movement, Yoshiki from X Japan.
Visual Kei “Coordinates” = Next Tip on Accessorization Trends May 29, 2007
Accessories are an important part of achieving specific visual kei or J-rock styles. In Japan, young people often buy such accessories at character goods shops inspired by those wanting to dress like anime characters, but in America, such stores are hard to come by which is why DIY rules and goods that are found are often discovered online. Here are the top trends in accessories for the Visual Kei look from Japan.
Japanese Music Invasion: J-Rock Revolution Festival Revealed Massive Subculture of Young American Fans for Japanese Rock—with video May 29, 2007
Japanese rock has invaded youth culture of America as seen with through the Jrock Revolution Festival last weekend in Los Angeles. J-rock, also known as “visual kei” meaning visual style, or visual rock, also includes fashion from the bands that are capturing the imagination of young people today.
Pirate Ships, Diamond-Eyed Gold Skulls, Storm Trooper Blasters, Knuckle Duster Rings + Other Weapons of Mass Destruction among Accessory Directions of High-end Streetwear May 21, 2007
Accessories in jewelry are moving into a direction that includes pirate ship themes, gold skulls with diamond eyes, and disarming weaponry that match the mood of the nation. Two brands pushing high-end streetwear accessory trends are Han Cholo out of Los Angeles and BiJules out of New York City. Label Networks TV interviews Guillaume Pajolec from Han Cholo on the latest in streetwear accessory trends.
Headbands Make a Comeback with a Contemporary Twist on Guys + Girls as Captured at Coachella May 1, 2007
Headbands in all design, shapes and textures such as wide, super thin, and even string motifs make a comeback on guys and girls as the new must-have headwear accessory for the summer, as captured at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival.
Cherry Blossom Season Brings Out Japan Spring Streetwear Trends April 10, 2007
Spring season streetwear trends among girls in Japan bring out all things pink do to Cherry Blossom season, as well as an extension on the Beyonce look with thigh-high tights and leggings, short shorts usually in wool and hemmed, and now denim short jean shorts and skirts.
Hispanic Accessories Report 2007 March 16, 2007
Hispanic Accessories Report 2007
Part 2: Fashion Mavens Flash Their MAGIC “South Hall Styles”—Photo Essay of Bling, Accessories, Hip-Hop, Punk, Upper Urbanwear March 5, 2007
Fashion mavens from MAGIC’s South Hall indicate where trends are headed in styles inspired from hip-hop, punk, upper urbanwear, Japanese B-Boy, B-Girl, and Car Culture. Label Networks photo essay Part 1 delivers the latest.
Part 1: Fashion Mavens Flash Their MAGIC “South Hall Styles”—Photo Essay of Hip-Hop, Punk, Upper Urbanwear, + Car Culture Influences February 28, 2007
Fashion mavens from MAGIC’s South Hall indicate where trends are headed in styles inspired from hip-hop, punk, upper urbanwear, Japanese B-Boy, B-Girl, and Car Culture. Label Networks photo essay Part 1 delivers the latest.
Bread & Butter Barcelona Showcases What to Expect from Streetwear Fashion ’07-’08 in Europe from T’s, Denim, Patterns, Cultural References, + Brands January 29, 2007
Bread & Butter Barcelona was the most crowded it’s ever been, indicating and strong trend in streetwear in Europe and indicating new directions in denim, T-shirts, and style that are inspired by nature, vintage, urban landscapes, and more. B&B is the place to be in order to understand what to expect in ’07-’08 in European streetwear.
Graffiti Artist André Collaborates with Medicom Fabrick Creating Special Edition Backpacks, Pencil Cases, Oven Mits, Aprons January 14, 2007
Graffiti Artist, Andre from France collaborates with Medicom Fabrick to create a collection of cool accessories including backpacks, pencil cases, oven mits, and aprons—all sure to be hot items among collectors of artists.
The Evolution of Global Youth Culture Streetwear Fashion Trends—A Quick Recap of ’06 + What to Expect in ‘07 January 8, 2007
Year-end look at how urbanwear and streetwear have evolved since ’06 and where it’s moving into ’07 as reported by Label Networks international network of reporters in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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