Label Networks in the News:

Snow Industries of America (SIA) Trade Show News

Paradigm Shifts and the Future of Snowboarding

January, 2016

Sustainable Brands/YouTube

Sustainability and the State of the Future for Engaging Youth Culture

July, 2015

Future U.S. Consumer Report: Youth Culture

November 1, 2013


Youth Culture Markets–Where Things Are Headed

September 13, 2013

Sustainable Brands 2013 Conference

How to Engage Youth Culture and Sustainability:

August, 2013

Endurance Sports Wire

RACER Commissions Important Youth Market Research Study on Running with Label Networks

March 12, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle

Sustainability and State of the Future Youth Culture Study

Delivers Fresh Insight on How Youth Care, Buy, Act on Sustainability and Impacts for the Future

September 2012

Seattle PI

“The Digital Lifestyle” Preps Brands with Fresh Insight on Changes in Social Network Patterns, Ad Preferences, Sponsorship, Technology

July 11, 2012

Los Angeles Times

Fashion Diary: Tribal Influences for Fall

September, 2011

Consumer Electronics

Label Networks Reveals Economy’s Latest Impact, DIY Trends, Advertising, Marketing, Fashion, Technology, Sports, Music, and More November, 2011

Los Angeles Times

Fresh Fashion Trends-Tribal Influences for Fall

August, 28, 2011

New York Times

Savvy Jaded, Distracted, and Loaded

December, 2010

Yahoo! News

Back-to-School Preps Brands with Fresh Insight on Digital Lifestyles, Technology, Changes in Spending, Retail

November, 2010


Urban Cycle Fashion & the Cult of Transportation

December 2009

Some of Our Favorites:

Our Own YouTube Channel:

Punk Legend Tripp NYC +
Trash&Vaudeville: Label Networks TV

June 5, 2011: Here’s a very insightful article from Label Networks: 17 ·
2011: ESPN · Label Networks · the Alliance · X
Games Label Networks | Action Sports Alliance

February 19, 2010: GroupYNetwork: Label Networks Launches 1st iPhone App for Global Youth Culture Intelligence

December 27, 2011: New Youth Culture Study by Label Networks Reveals  Economy’s Latest Impact, DIY Trends—Advertising, Marketing, Fashion, Technology, Sports, Music, and More

Fashion Diary: Tribal influences in fall fashions – Los Angeles Times

Aug 28, 2011 – the past couple of years,” said Kathleen Gasperini, co-founder of the L.A.- based firm Label Networks, which tracks trends in the youth market.

Grandmaster Caz Delivers Hip-Hop History: Label Networks TV …

Mar 24, 2007 – In a rare interview, the OG of hip-hop, Grandmaster Caz tells Label
about the origins of the music culture, players, + evolution into

June 12. 2007: Skin.Graft.Designs
premiered at the Pool Trade Show offices with post- apocalyptic show
illustrating the future of couture streetwear fashion with

 Fashion Show – Skin.Graft.Designs: Label Networks TV – YouTube

Jun 12, 2007 – Label Networks TV captures DJ Nick Cannon talking
about latest trends in music, his apparel brand PNB, and offers advice for
success to up-and-coming

Nick Cannon Talks Music + PNB Apparel: Label Networks TV…/pnb United Kingdom

[br a n d – a r c h i t e c t s]: Dre Hayes on Label Networks

Dre Hayes on Label Networks… Yes that’s right folks! Our own
Dre holding it down for the Foundation at this year’s past Agenda in San Diego.

JRock Revolution Comes to America: Label Networks TV – YouTube

8:08 Jrock or visual kei bands came to America playing to thousands of fans during the Jrock Revolution featuring …

JRock Revolution Comes to America: Label Networks TV – YouTube

8:08 Jrock or visual kei bands came to America playing to thousands of fans during the Jrock Revolution featuring 28, 2007

Label Networks Releases Hispanic Youth Culture Study – Hispanic …

Mar 27, 2007 –Fresh results from Label Networks‘ Hispanic Youth Culture Study ’07 illustrates the astounding power, influence, and

Label Networks Youth Culture study shows declines, shifts

Nov 9, 2010 – Label Networks Youth Culture study shows declines, shifts and says Kathleen
, Senior Vice President of Label
, and an…/labelnetworks-youth-culture-trends

SIMA Surf Summit – Annual Surf Industry Conference

Kathleen Gasperini // Label Networks, youth market research expert. Chris Stiepock // General Manager, ESPN X-Games Eddie Brown // Nike Sports Marketing
– Longboarding: The latest transportation trend …

Jun 20, 2006 – “It is more utilitarian,” Kathleen Gasperini, senior vice president of Label Networks, says of longboarding. “You can use it as transportation or

Best way to cruise around a college campus? Longboards or Razor …

“Young women and girls increasingly are becoming more involved with longboarding,” said Kathleen Gasperini,

senior vice president of Label Networks, which Get more discussion results

T.U.K. FOOTWEAR: March 2011

“From February 14-16, 2011, the MAGIC fashion trade show brings to Las Vegas one of the

Mon August 22 – Magic Seminar Series | the MAGIC Marketplace

Aug 22, 2011 – conducted in conjunction with Kurt Salmon. Panel discussion will be followed by a networking reception. Speaker: Kathleen Gasperini, Co-Founder, Editor, Senior Vice President, Label Networks.


Associated Press, Beijing
“Global brands look to China’s young
consumers to offset losses in crisis-battered home markets”
October, 2009

“Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and
Outmarketing Your Competition,” by Guy Kawasaki,
published by Penguin Books
Chapter with Interview by Label Networks’ Kathleen Gasperini on
Youth Culture Trends
January, 2009

Associate Press, ABC News
“T-shirt Irony Gives Way to Love, Peace, Recycling”
September, 2008

Los Angeles Times
“More Skaters Switching to Longboards”
August, 2008

Business Courier of Cincinnati
“Street-inspired Cincinnati Boutique
Right Up Their Alley”
June, 2008

USA Today
“Skateboard Legend Now Wants Brand to Soar”
March, 2008

NME Magazine and NMETV
“Jrock Revolution Comes to America: Label
Networks TV, February 2008

Apparel News
“The Return of the Custom T-shirt,
January 18, 2008

Fuel TV
“Launch of the Label Lab by Label Networks”
January 10, 2008

Apparel News
“T-shirt Makers Take Customization to the Web”
December 14, 2007

Chicago Tribune
“Kids Don’t Hold Back the Hugs”
October 10, 02007
“Sponsorship Effective + Youth Culture”
October 27, 02007

Yahoo! Finance
“Sponsorship + Advertising Effectiveness in Youth Culture”
September 28, 02007

Pro HipHop
“Not Your Daddy’s Sneakers”
February 19, 02007

USA Today
“White’s Afterglow Still Golden”
January 24, 02007

WSA Today
“MySpace, MyStore”
January, 02007

Bread & Butter Bulletin Magazine, Bread & Butter Barcelona
“Global Evolution of Streetwear to Upper Urbanwear”
January, 02007

Show & Tell Magazine-MAGIC Pre-Show Edition
“Global Youth Culture Streetwear Fashion Trends”
January, 02007

ABC News
“Hip Younger Parents, Kids Share Hobbies”
July, 02006

Bread & Butter Bulletin, Berlin, Germany
“The Japanese Cred Report: What’s Hot and What’s Not from Japanese Youth Culture”
July, 02006

“Longboarding: The latest transportation trends among adults”
June 20, 02006

Transworld Business
“2006 SIMA Image Awards at Surf Summit9” with
Environmental lawyer Robert K. Kennedy, Jr., former Apple Computer Evangelist,
Guy Kawasaki, and Label Networks VP Kathleen Gasperini
May 30, 2006

Bread & Butter Bulletin Magazine
“Shops for a New Generation”
May, 2006

“Gen X Parents Sharing More w/Kids”
April 5, 2006

Game Industry News
“E3Expo Unveils Agenda for Video Game Conference”
March, 2006

DSN Retailing Today
At MAGIC What was Once Old is New Again
September 12, 2005

“Generation Gap Between Kids and Parents and Back-to-School Technology”
August 15, 2005

Orange County Weekly
“Spending USA”
August, 2005

Live Interview w/ Label Networks’ Co-Founder + Senior Vice President,
Kathleen Gasperini, on WebMasterRadio.FM with Peter Blackshaw

September 22, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer
“Stylin’ it at McDonald’s”
August 10, 2005

St. Petersburg Times
“Extreme Evolution”
August 4, 2005

New York Times
“In Action Sports, X Marks the Spot”
August 3, 2005

Yahoo! Financial News
“Ziff Davis Announces All-Star Speaker Line-up for Annual Gaming Summit”
August 1, 2005

“Technology and the Generation Gap”
August, 2005

Footwear News
“Kid Power”
June 13, 2005

Transworld Business: Skate-Surf-Snow
“Snowboard Consumer Research Study Released”
May 23, 2005

SGB Magazine
“The Global Evolution of Women’s Sports”
March 1, 2005

ISPO News–Europe
“Burton Icons Founders Donna and Jake Burton Carpenter, and Label Networks’ Kathleen Gasperini Shine at Volvo SportsDesign Forum”
February 9, 2005

Bread and Butter Magazine�Europe
“Fashion and Style’s International Pull”
January, 2005

“Predisposed to Dispose: European Youth Culture Disposable Fashion Trends”
September 20, 2004

Label Networks has also been featured in: Spin, Vibe, Vogue, San Francisco
Bay Guardian, AP, Elle, ElleGirl, Outside, Transworld Snowboarding,
Skateboarding, Surfing, Sportswear International, Sports Illustrated, Orange
County Weekly, Surfline, Boardsports Source, EXPN, Pop Matters, Iceland
Airwaves, Ski Press World, RedNova, among others.

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