We are global leaders in providing Youth Culture Intelligence and Brand Strategy, youth marketing, creative innovation and sponsorship effectiveness for brands connecting with youth culture lifestyles. Since 2000, Label Networks has created Global Youth Culture Studies and topical Reports including Sustainability, based on Label’s proprietary methods to gain constantly fresh quantitative and qualitative data utilizing a combination of remote data-acquisition and analysis systems, and a unique network of Global Youth Culture Experts and Analysts. The results offer scientific and intuitive information, which Label Networks uses as the basis for brand strategies to connect today’s original thinkers in branding, marketing, and sponsorship to the youth marketplace.

Label Networks Subscription Service attracts cutting-edge clients and subscribers from Fortune 500 to the most intuitive youth market brands based on the authenticity of the company’s inspiration which comes from the bottom-up, the streets, and working with people who seek insight about global youth culture outside of traditional resources.

With our primary data at the core, we also create Custom Research Programs for Events, brands, and sponsors, which help connect brands with the youth marketplace.

In addition, Label Networks offers Brand Strategies, utilizing our own data and/or custom research, and analysis and consulting based on more than 16 years creating programs in global youth culture markets. Such branding strategies range from campaign planning and testing, to sponsorship programs, targeted demographic marketing, cause-marketing programs and branding, and new category product launches.

We believe in providing an opportunity for everyone who’s interested in global youth culture markets. This, in turn, has created not only a vast diversity of subscribers and Clients seeking what we deliver, but a network of people inspired to be a part of the delivery of information that Label Networks’ seeks. The results equal higher quality and timely insider information, primary data and analysis, leading-edge visuals from new global sources, and the tools from which smart, relevant, and sometimes unconventional, brand strategies are created.

We have a history of highly sought-after Presentations. Label Networks’ s Global Youth Culture Experts have presented in Europe, Japan, North America, Canada, Mexico, and China–as industry summit keynote speakers, in televised global conferences and trade shows, and at a range of brand sustainability strategy meetings.

Our presentations offer up a large dose of street-cred with images depicting the marketplace including attitude, expression, and lifestyle.

Trends are not for sale…

Trends are new cultural movements that follow their own course of birth, life, + death. They can be created, analyzed, enhanced, + propagated. Yet too often, once trends are “defined” corporations, agencies, + media make the mistake of trying to force their way into them or worse yet, “own” them in their attempts at being cool. Historically, this has rarely ever worked without access to exorbitant budgets. And unfortunately, the faster trends change, the more carnage to marketing, branding, + advertising budgets lay in their wake. Our goal is to find out what’s truly going on inside the youth cultures of 13-25-year-olds on a local, regional, + global level. We work from the inside out, organically identifying the most influential components of new trends by being in the environments such trends are taking place, + then looking at it from different viewpoints + across cultures. You can walk past a big idea if you have your cultural blinders on.

Through insightful questions + a network of passionate knowledge seekers around the world, we record answers based on face-to-face question, + scientifically, analytically, + intuitively, put it altogether. The idea is to provide the tools from which to inspire others to make their own, most intelligent, decisions; to provide new correlations + ideas to the pieces needed most-but not to own a trend, rather, to become a part of it, + to shape it for yourself. It is this philosophy behind what we do that makes Label Networks stand apart.

Kathleen Gasperini

Kathleen is a social entrepreneur and Climate Reality Leader trained by Former Vice President Al Gore (March, 2017). She is the CEO/Founder/Editor of The Sustainables Group, a leading global sustainable strategy company working within the most trendsetting subcultures in the world towards creating the greatest impact as possible to eradicate global climate change. This grew organically from Label Networks including the first youth culture-based sustainability research report series called, “Sustainability and the State of Youth Culture Reports” based on more than 40,000 interviews across the U.S. among 13-25-year-olds regarding youth concerns, movements, trends in humanitarian and environmental issues produced annually for the past 4 years. Numerous presentations about this work continues, including SXSW Eco, a book, “#TheSustainables” currently under contract with Island Press.

Kathleen is internationally acclaimed as an industry leader on global youth culture marketing, research, sustainability, and branding strategies. She is the co-founder of Label Networks, the leader in delivering global youth culture intelligence from the heart of opinionated youth environments towards creating unique branding strategies for clients ranging from Apple Computer to Burton Snowboards to ZICO coconut water. Based on 17 years of experience, from running grassroots to global events and campaigns, branding, and visionary marketing, her work and that of Label Networks has appeared in the New York Times, BrandWeek, Advertising Age, Yahoo! Financial News, the AP, Philadelphia Inquirer, St. Petersburg Times, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Sports Illustrates, Red Nova, Elle, Vogue, Spin, Vibe, Transworld Publications’ Surfing, Skateboarding, and Snowboarding.

Formerly, Kathleen worked with leading youth culture magazines, including positions as the Senior Editor of Powder and Snowboarder Magazines under Surfer Publications, and the editor of Women’s Sports & Fitness. She was the technical writer for the IMAX movie “Extreme,” and is the co-founder of the non-profit youth-focused foundation, Boarding for Breast Cancer, for which she received a Humanitarian Award from Snow Sports Industries of America. Kathleen was the publisher of the original music, fashion, sports, and youth lifestyle magazine, W.i.g. Magazine–for Women in General, and has been published by Harper Collins for her book “Pretty Good for a Girl—the Autobiography of Tina Basich, a Snowboarding Pioneer.”

Traveling extensively to various global leading-edge youth markets, Kathleen is also the primary speaker representing Label Networks which have included keynotes, branding summits, and conferences including, SXSW Eco, Sustainable Brands Conference, Boy Scouts of America Summit, MAGIC International Fashion Trade Show, Volvo Design Forum, Munich Germany, SIMA Surf Conference, E3 Expo, Architectural Summit for BRE Properties, Outdoor Retailer, NACS College Summit, and NARAL in Washington D.C.

Kathleen is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and the University of Nairobi with a B.A. in Economics and Emerging Cultural Studies and is fluent in Swahili. She holds a Global Sustainability Certification from UCLA extension.

Tom Wallace
Tom Wallace is a global authority on youth culture, youth trends, and the future consumer, creating bi-annual global youth culture studies and guiding companies on the ever-changing market. For the past 17 years he has created ground-breaking analysis and brand strategies for many of the world’s leading youth brands including Apple Computer, Red Bull, and VF Corporation. As President and Co-founder of Label Networks, Tom travels worldwide observing various youth markets and has created technologies for remote surveying for conducting face-to-face interviewing and trend gathering in the heart of youth environments. Most of all, as the key analyst on global youth culture markets, Tom connects the dots between the trends and business needs.

Tom is an internet pioneer, producing interactive platforms and marketing solutions for top entertainment, sports media, and fortune 500 companies throughout his career. He produced the first websites for both the NBA and NASCAR in the mid 90’s while working for Paul Allen’s Starwave Corporation, then continued his journey creating from the ground-up new departments as the director of interactive services for many advertising agencies, developing interactive solutions, marketing, and analytical trending tools for fortune 500 companies including Hewlett Packard and Westin Hotels.

As technology evolved over time into wireless and mobile technology, Tom pioneered wireless systems to conduct remote surveying and trending technique and later into producing applications and e-commerce solutions in the mobile market including a youth onboard geo-tracking iPhone app for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Tom is a graduate of Western Washington University with a BA in Visual Communications and is currently on the board of advisers of the non-profit Sustainable Surf. Tom is the President of Label Networks and a founding partner.

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