Label Networks is known for delivering consumer insights and market research solutions for brands and marketers trying to reach inside core youth and leading-edge markets through a variety of programs. With 18 years of experience, Label Networks’ team of Global Youth Culture Experts are internationally acclaimed as industry leaders when it comes to global youth culture sustainability, marketing, visionary branding strategies, grassroots sponsorship, social media, and mobile culture.

Our difference is our data. With 17 years of consumer data from 13-30-year-olds, we start all brand strategy work from a quantifiable foundation directlty from the source and work from there. No other company has this as a way to back up their plans and ideas moving forward.

With our primary data at the core, we also create Custom Research Programs for Events, brands, and sponsors, which help connect brands with the youth marketplace.

Label Networks Subscription Service attracts cutting-edge clients and subscribers from Fortune 500 to the most intuitive youth market brands based on the authenticity of the company’s inspiration which comes from the bottom-up, the streets, and working with people who seek insight about global youth culture outside of traditional resources.

We have a history of highly sought-after presentations. Label Networks’ s Global Youth Culture Experts have presented in Europe, Japan, North America, Canada, Mexico, and China–as industry summit keynote speakers, in televised global conferences and trade shows, and at a range of brand sustainability strategy meetings.Our presentations offer up a large dose of street-cred with images depicting the marketplace including attitude, expression, and lifestyle.