Cheryl Dunn, legendary street photographer and filmmaker and creator of “Everywhere Street.”

Street photography is part of a growing scene of DIY artists chronicling what they see, usually based on a passion for their surroundings. The documentation styles from top street art photographers are fast becoming collectors pieces to a new generation of people who appreciate the passion and intention, spontaneity and excitement that can only be captured in the flash of moment street photo.

Cheryl Dunn, one of only a handful of core women street photographers and filmmakers in the scene, who has been featured in Art in the Streets and Aaron Rose’s Beautiful Losers, has launched an exciting Kickstarter campaign to expand her short documentary “Everybody Street” into a feature length documentary. After being invited to show her 36-minute piece at the Tate Modern Museum in London, it inspired her to add more and make it into a full feature documentary.

“I spent the summer shooting more incredible photographers and street scenes. With the attention this garnered, we now have the amazing opportunity to record some additional, pivotal scenes with unprecedented access,” states Cheryl.

From Everywhere Street.

The results include a behind-the-scenes look at some incredible moments of street photographers doing their thing shooting people in the various moments of their lives, which sometimes comes at a risk of pissing off the person being photographed and involving a variety of tough urban scenarios.

Cheryl, who has directed and filmed many shorts that have landed in various top film festivals from Edinburgh to Tribeca, along with 2 books of her photos, Bicycle Gangs of New York, and Some Kinda Vocation, has partnered with producer Lucy Cooper of Transamerica and Hesher, as well as Ivan Bess who produced Tree of Life which won the Palm D%u2019or at Cannes this year, to make this concept a reality. Their editor on the project is non-other than David Zeiff, (the Cove, Some Kind of Monster, Crazy Love).

Featured street photographers include Ricky Powell, Clayton Patterson, Jill Freedman, Boogie, Bruce Davidson, Jamal Shabazz, Luc Sante, among others.
The goal is to raise $44,865 by November19. Check-out the trailer to get a sense of the latest going in on street photography.