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Rise of the Slow-Fashion Movement in a Fast-Fashion 2012


Fashion is full of ironies especially when it comes to American youth culture fashion movements. One of the most prevalent is the growing movement of slow fashion, often thought of as local, handmade, bespoke apparel, which ironic as it sounds, is actually producing products (often on the leading-edge of trends) that come out faster than […]

London’s Tweed Run Takes Cycling and Genteel Fashion to New Heights

Hundreds of people biked through the streets of London last weekend in an event that’s grown popular for its mix of transportation and attire.

Street Art Collective the Urban Repair Squad Illustrates the Hazards of Cycling with Comic Expletives, Drawing Attention to a New Culture of Transportation

Painted expletives near potholes and various urban detritus in Toronto streets illustrate literally, the changing face of transportation via cycling and culture jamming.