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Coca-Cola to Buy Monster May Change the Game of Youth Culture Energy Drinks


At a potential $11.6 billion price tag, if the deal goes through, Monster would be the largest acquisition Coca-Cola’s ever done. Full Throttle, Coke’s energy drink in this space, simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to energy drink preferences among youth culture, which is the main reason Coke’s after Monster. As we’ve noted over […]

Tough Times for Pro Women Surfers with No Vans Triple Crown Series, Low Prize Purses, Plus Who’s Confirmed for 2012 ASP Tour


The Triple Crown in Hawaii is ramping up as the final stage for surfing competition, but this year, there are no women’s events. What this means for the state of surfing.

The Rise of Women’s Motocross and What It Means to Athletes, X Games, Sponsors, and Fans

Taking an in-depth look at increased popularity of women’s motocross, plus athlete superstars like gold-medalist Ashley Fiolek, and LN data, it’s clear that this is one sport with excellent marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

The Rise of Women’s Motocross and the X Games Influence Pumps New Opportunities for Fans, Female Athletes, Sponsors, and Fashion

Slick conditions with SuperCross kickers provided intense excitement as the women’s motoX field raced fast, pulling freestyle moves that proved this is a sport at the cusp of its potential.