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VF Corp Hits Record Financial Results for Third Quarter with Revenues Up 23%


Clearly the acquisition of Timberland was a good thing, plus the Outdoor and Action Sports categories are popping for the conglomerate.

VF Corp Announces Profitable Third Quarter up 7% with The North Face and Vans Leading the Charge

Success stories in an economically challenging time are always good to hear. In this case, VF Corp revenues are up with projected growth and interesting marketing plans for X Games and Vans OfftheWall.tv.

John Varvatos Fashion Designer to Rockers and Converse Collab Man, Seeks to Disengage with VF Corp

Not many brands hope to get out from the VF umbrella, just ask Vans, The North Face, Wrangler, and other happy campers, but legendary Varvatos hopes to leave the fold.