We have a history of highly sought-after presentations. Label’ s Global Youth Culture Experts have presented in Europe, Japan, North America, Canada, Mexico, and China–as industry summit keynote speakers, in televised global conferences and trade shows, and at a range of brand sustainability strategy meetings.

Our presentations offer up a large dose of street-cred with images depicting the marketplace including attitude, expression, and lifestyle.

The backbone, however, includes core science and our own proprietary data about youth market motivations, preferences, influences, cross-cultural analysis, and future forecasting. Because we are the only global youth company with sustainability intelligence and brand strategy experience, we are the only ones that can truly speak about trends on a global level—the way things are affecting our planet, future demographics, and the new ways we need to do business–with data to back it up.

Presentations by Label Networks tend to challenge audiences into thinking deeply about their topic and differently about the future. We take down the cultural barriers that can blind people to big ideas. The ultimate goal from our point of view is that the audience walks away engaged, motivated, and armed with new knowledge towards making smarter and more insightful, sustainable, decisions of their own when it comes to global youth culture markets.

Key Topics Include:

  • Youth Culture and Sustainability
  • Fashion, Sneaker Culture, Spending Patterns, Retail
  • Action Sports
  • Digital Lifestyle: Social Media, Communication, Mobile Phone Culture
  • Outdoor Lifestyles for the New Youth Marketplace
  • Urban Influences and a New Youth Culture
  • Music, Sponsorship, Events, Festivals

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