We have a history of highly sought-after presentations. Label’ s Global Youth Culture Experts have presented in Europe, Japan, North America, Canada, Mexico, and China–as industry summit keynote speakers, in televised global conferences and trade shows, and at a range of brand sustainability strategy meetings.

Our presentations offer up a large dose of street-cred with images depicting the marketplace including attitude, expression, and lifestyle.

The backbone, however, includes core science and our own proprietary data about youth market motivations, preferences, influences, cross-cultural analysis, and future forecasting. Because we are the only global youth company with sustainability intelligence and brand strategy experience, we are the only ones that can truly speak about trends on a global level—the way things are affecting our planet, future demographics, and the new ways we need to do business–with data to back it up.

Presentations by Label Networks tend to challenge audiences into thinking deeply about their topic and differently about the future. We take down the cultural barriers that can blind people to big ideas. The ultimate goal from our point of view is that the audience walk away engaged, motivated, and armed with new knowledge towards making smarter and more insightful, sustainable, decisions of their own when it comes to global youth culture markets.

Key Topics Include:

  • Youth Culture and Sustainability
  • Fashion, Sneaker Culture, Spending Patterns, Retail
  • Action Sports
  • Digital Lifestyle: Social Media, Communication, Mobile Phone Culture
  • Outdoor Lifestyles for the New Youth Marketplace
  • Urban Influences and a New Youth Culture
  • Music, Sponsorship, Events, Festivals

FestForward, Santa Barbara, CA, November 23, 2015: “Greening Music Festivals: Creating Fun and Interactive Sustainability Strategies for Fans, Bands, and Sponsors”–Panel at FestForward Conference for Music, Film, Food Industry Leaders; Label Networks and the Vans Warped Tour won “Best Sustainability Strategy for the Music Tour or Festival” from FestForward

LOHAS and Sustainatopia 2014 Conference, Beverly Hills, CA, October 31, 2014: “Understanding & Engaging Millenials: Risks & Opportunities” –Label Networks’ is on a panel with other youth culture experts discussing best practices for connecting with a new generation.

2014 BSA Sustainability Summit, Greenbriar Resort, West Virginia, October 27, 2014: “Sustainability, the Outdoors, and Today’s Youth Culture” by Co-founder, Kathleen Gasperini.

SXSW Eco, Austin, TX, October 6-8, 2014: #TheSustainables: Youth Culture’s DIY Future. For more information, or to register go to here.

Mahfia Sessions with GroupY, Mammoth Mountain, CA, March 21-23, 2014: Label Networks and Boarding for Breast Cancer Co-Founder Kathleen Gasperini is part of a Tribute and Panel Discussion with the Women Pioneers of Snowboarding

5th Annual Sustainatopia Conference, Miami, FL, April 17, 2014: “Sustainability and Youth Culture Market Trends, Changes in Spending Patterns”

Ethical Fashion and Sustainable Development, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Miami, FL, April 18, 2014: “Ethical Fashion Trends, Vintage and Thrift Shopping Patterns, and the Changing Landscape of Youth Culture Fashion”

Contact us for proprietary, custom presentations.

Boy Scouts of America Sustainability Summit: “Sustainability and the State of the Future Among Youth Culture”– Greenbrier Resort, West Virginia, October 6, 2013

Sustainable Brands 2013 Conference: Paradise Point, San Diego, CA, June 3, 2013: “The Generation of Hope: Connecting Sustainability with Today’s Youth Culture”

Outdoor Industry Association, Outdoor Retailer Trade Show, Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek, Salt Lake City, UT, January 24, 2013:  “Sustainability, Youth Culture, and a New Path for Connecting with Our Future”

MAGIC/Project/S.L.A.T.E. Fashion Trade Shows at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV, August: “Action Sports and Streetwear Crossover: How Youth Culture’s Latest Lifestyle Influences, Including Music, Social Media, and Technology Are Creating a New Platform for Both Industries”

National Association of Colleges (NACS) XTreme Conference, July 27, 2012 Washington, D.C.: “How Youth Culture Fashion and Lifestyle Trends Are Changing the Retail Landscape: Influences from Music, Sports, Streets, and Technology”

Media Innovation Summit, Santa Clara, CA; December: “Entertainment, Technology, Communication Trends in Youth Culture”

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: “Youth Culture + Sports: New Lifestyle Trends Reveal the Evolution of Sports, and the Influences from Crossover Subcultures.”

YPulse Youth Mash-up Conference: Label Networks’ Presentation: “Reaching Youth through Music and Action Sports Crossover”

The Action Sports Conference, powered by group Y & ESPN, and presented by FUEL TV. “On the State of Action Sports and Youth Culture”

MAGIC Fashion Trade Show: “Fashion and Youth and Street Culture Trends: Influences from Music, Sports, Streets, Technology, + Cultural Hotspots”

Action Sports Retailer (ASR) and Class Trade Show–“Youth Culture Fashion + Lifestyle Trends: Revealing Crossovers Between Action Sports and Influential Subcultures”

L.A. Mart Design Forum: “The Young, Affluent, & Successful: Understanding the New Design Customer”

MAGIC International Fashion Trade Show: “Global Youth Culture Fashion + Lifestyle Trends: New Focus from Music, Sports, Streets, Technology, + Global Subcultures”

MAGIC International Fashion Trade Show: “Global Youth + Street Culture Fashion: Examining Directional Trends for ‘09/10 Inspired from Music, Sports, Street, Technology, + Emerging Global Subcultures”

TELUS Ski + Snowboard Festival, Whistler, B.C.–Label Networks as Keynote Speaker Presenting on “Global Youth Culture”

MAGIC International Fashion Trade Show: “Global Youth Culture Streetwear +Contemporary Fashion: Defining Trends, Subcultures + Influences from Music, Sports, Technology, + Globalization”

Virginia Commonwealth University—Fashion Institute: “Defining Streetwear +Contemporary Fashion Trends”

WSA Conference: “Global Youth Culture Street Fashion + Footwear Trends: Defining New Subcultures + Influences”

MAGIC International Fashion Trade Show: “Global Youth Culture Streetwear Fashion: Defining Trends, Subcultures + New Influences from Music, Sports, Technology + Street Attitudes”

The Label Lab: Fashion + Art Exhibition Featuring Global Streetwear Trends Label Networks + MAGIC International Fashion Trade Show will host an on-site global street fashion + art exhibition, including charts + graphs, global street photos, a live video multi-media show, + on-site graffiti artists creating a multi-dimensional installation

Global Youth Culture Street Fashion Trends: Defining Fresh New Subcultures + Influences from Music, Sports, Technology, + Street Attitudes:”

Outdoor Industry Rendezvous: “The Dynamics of Global Youth Culture: 5 Points Towards Reaching the Youth Marketplace”

BRE Properties Architectural Summit: “The Digital Lifestyle of Global Youth Culture Street—What to Expect + Why Based on Motivations + Key Cross-Cultural Influences on the Marketplace”

MAGIC International Trade Show: “Global Street Fashion Trends in Youth Culture: Defining New Subcultures, the Digital Lifestyle, + Influences from Music + Sports”

Presenting the “The Label Lab” For MAGIC attendees, Label Networks will also have an on-site exhibition called “The Label Lab.”

Surf Industry Manufactures Association: The Dynamics of Global Youth Culture: Perspectives from the Microcosm of Surfing to Macro Trends in Fashion, Sports, Music + Technology”

Reaching the Connected Youth Consumer: Tapping their Personal Networks + Power of Persuasion—E3 Expo, Los Angeles

Global Youth Culture Street Trends + the Cross-Cultural Effects Motivating New Subcultures, Styles, and Attitude—MAGIC Fashion trade show

AdTech Conference moderated by Nielsen/NetRatings: Label Networks presents to advertisers, marketers, and technology executives top trends and forecasting about the internet habits, usages, and DIY culture of young people online.

European Youth Culture Profiles—Trends in Fashion, Action Sports, with New Market Opportunities”–EuroSIMA Summit,

Global Youth Culture: Street Fashion, Music, Sports —MAGIC Trade show

Youth Americana 2010: Where the Market’s Headed, Key Subcultures, + Strategies for Being a Part of the Lifestyle”—Ziff-Davis, Electronic Gaming Summit

“Nike: Global Youth Culture” – Austin, TX

“Volvo Design Forum – Munich Germany” Label Networks was among the presenters at the prestigious Volvo Sports Design Forum focusing on women in sports design, during the ISPO Winter Trade Fair in Munich Germany

The Role of Research in the Snow Sports Industry: “Demystifying Youth Culture”

The Business of European Youth Culture: Trends and Opportunities”

Youth Culture, Music, and Action Sports” – Levi Strauss, San Francisco, CA

The State of the European Boardsports Industry” – Ispo trade show Munich, Germany

Women in Action Sports Marks the Future” – Action Girl trade show, Long Beach, CA

“The State of the Youth Culture Market: Growth Opportunities in North America, Europe, and Japan” – Nike, Nike Campus

Design Direction and Fashion Cross-over of Action Sports and Youth Culture” – DC Shoes

Profiles of Action Sports: Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, BMX, Freestyle Motocross” – Vans Triple Crown Sponsorship Summit

The State of Women in Action Sports” – SIMA Surf Summit

The State of Women in Action Sports” – Action Sports Retailer Trade Show


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