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Street Art Update: Banksy Releases Simpson’s Opening Sketches; Shepard Fairey X Arkitip Video and Limited-Edition Issue Released

The genius behind Banksy’s The Simpson’s opening is laid-out in the following sketches, and Shepard’s latest grand interview and artwork showcased in a limited-edition issue.

Behind-the-Scenes Interview with Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop Documentary Producer Jaimie D’Cruz and Editor Chris King

Now you know how the film came about, the elusive nature of Banksy, and the effect this documentary has had on the street art scene, films, advertising, and culture jamming.

Banksy Storyboards and Directs The Simpsons Intro

One of the most coveted secrets in network TV, when notorious street artist, Banksy, gets his big break at creating the couch gag of last night’s The Simpsons episode. Check it out.