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Art in the Streets at Geffen MOCA Brings Graffiti and Street Art to the Forefront, Featured for the First Time Inside an American Museum


The ironic nature of bringing outdoor art inside isn’t the only thing causing waves with this exhibition. Spanning the history of the movement from Jamie Reid’s Sex Pistols’ to Banksy oil paintings, Jeffrey Deitch’s vision is creating a stir.

Banksy’s Uber-Secret Summer Graffiti Show in Bristol City Museum Opens and Swoons Floating Armada Arrives at the Venice Biennale

Two more exceptional stories of how street/graffiti artists are impacting the world as we know it, and oh, yes, creating effective grassroots campaigns.

Famed Street Artist Swoon to Create Salvaged Flotilla to Bring Attention to the Environment, Economy, and Global Relationships

Activism through art continues to grow as the world slips sideways. It’s good to get reminded that inspiration still exists in the most unlikely places and that people are trying to make a difference.

The Power of Pop-up: Comme des Gar?ons Opens Guerrilla Pop-up Store in Downtown LA with Opening Attracting Scores of Industry Players Coming from MAGIC and Project Insight from Label Networks’ Presentation on Pop-up Trends

Late Saturday night February 16, on the heels of successful trade shows at MAGIC and Project in Las Vegas, scores of fashion industry insiders made their appearance at the coveted guerrilla pop-up store opening of Japanese high-end street brand Comme des Gar?ons in downtown Los Angeles. Located across the street from Label Networks office, our new neighbors greeted us kindly as we, along with many others, made our way behind a black gate into an alley located next to a cool local sneaker shop to get access to the hidden store. It’s so secret that the only way you can find the entrance is to look for the alley dumpster–the door’s on the other side.