From the 14 oz. Berlin Catalogue–the back terrace of the store featuring people from the store and Bread and Butter Berlin as models. Photos courtesy of 14 oz. Berlin.

The last time we wrote about 14 oz. Berlin was when the stores owner and creator Karl-Heinz Muller, who also happens to be the director of Bread and Butter Berlin trade show, won Store of the Year in 2009 by the German Retail Organization (HDE). In a short time, 14 oz. Berlin become iconic for all of its assets including highly trained staff, neo-renaissance style building with 4 different rooms for private customer experiences and shopping, a live jellyfish aquarium, and a leading-edge brand portfolio that resembled high-quality selections across urban and street cultures with classic timelessness, ranging from menswear and womenswear, boots, leather shoes, sneakers, and accessories.

Over the past two years, the store has created additional interest through publishing 14 oz. ‘zines which profile individual brands represented in the store with interviews and details of what makes the brand selected so iconic.

Karl-Heinz Muller, 14 oz. store owner and director of Bread and Butter Berlin trade show, reading the new 14 oz. catalogue.

Last week, 14 oz. released an enormous, freshly designed and written, catalogue that reads like a magazine about the store, but more importantly, the key elements of the brands that it carries. It’s here that you can get a sense of what is actually considered authentic style, or as they put it, “season-spanding classics.”

Karl-Heinz M%uFFFDller says, “Not only long-lasting products and excellent quality, but also high-quality publications offering a timeless source of information to our customers take centre stage at 14 oz. Following the success of the 14 oz. publications published in the past that were enthusiastically received by both customers and brands, it was only a logical step to focus on the extraordinary products available at 14 oz. Not only do we want to offer our customers a timeless wardrobe, but we also want to accompany them informatively throughout numerous seasons.”

The catalogue, which is written in German and English, features high quality images, styling that features the people from the store and Bread and Butter wearing key pieces in a variety of ways, which lends a sense of reality to the concept of how people would actually wear and combine certain collections.

It also explains a great deal about what makes a brand these days a classic in the realm of being relevant to today’s aesthetically cool consumer. For example, Levi Strauss is explained from the angle of its Vintage Clothing collection and the XX label. With a brand like Barbour, what’s outlined is its inspiration from motorsports, and the involvement of Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida and how the Barbour actually holds the “royal warrants of appointment” to supply her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Prince of Wales.

Not all of the brands are old however, such as PRPS or one of our favorites, the British denim label Natural Selection. But you can also find nuggets, such as Inis Meain knits, from the Island of the West Coast of Ireland that carry the spirit of the sea, or restored military vintage belts from Dukes hand-painted with modern interpretations of Aborigine culture or Japanese art.

Many brands featured also come from the United States. Given our rich history in workwear and the growing popularity of many heritage brands from the U.S., it makes sense that 14 oz. seeks out the best and classic, such as Schott NYC and their classic leather motorcycle jackets (which in the ’50’s Marlon Brando and James Dean wore). The mix of classic heritage with rock ‘n roll is also apparent, especially with some of the women’s choices,including Queen Baby%uFFFDs silver jewlery, or HTC, Hollywood Trading Company and their various studded belts, jackets, and T-shirts.

Overall, if you ever wondered what is being considered heritage but in a timeless, urban, rock- ‘n roll sense of things, 14 oz. Berlin is a good starting point. The catalogue simply makes it easier to understand.

Sample page, this one featuring the pieces selected from Levi%uFFFDs Vintage and XX label.