All Photos by Tom Wallace

One of the highlights of the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) Trade Show, which took place last week January 22-24 at the San Diego Convention Center, was the ASR Runway Show called the Fashion Revolution. The runway show, produced by Lisha Baer and Adria Heath, has become a popular destination for discovering new looks coming from action sports brands and how things have evolved, especially the crossover with music inspirations and skate/surf sportsstyle.

At this show, it was clear that music had more of an inspirational factor among many designers’ brands than perhaps ever before as the crossover of ’80’s rave and ’90’s grunge took center stage, Plaids ruled especially in big-block patterns from flannel shirts to long cover-ups/dresses, and in patterns in various accessories. Couple with colorful or heavy graphic leggings, which many styles included, the overall effects were often colorful rave colors and metallics coupled with a grunge/Pacific Northwest vibe indicating where things may be headed within this subculture for Fall ’09,

Other key aspects included cardigans, knits, boots, including ankle boots, short skirts especially denim skirts with leggings, and skinny denim, which miraculously continuous to be a trend in youth culture fashion. Bright patterned dresses and high, colorful socks with thick-heeled high heels also added to the sporty styles. Other features that were unique included an assortment of pin-striped workman pants and long shorts often accessorized with skate sneaks and fedoras. Faded denim and acid washed denim combined with bright sunglasses or neon silks provided the crossover of eras. Fedoras and colorfully large backpacks and bags rounded out most of the accessories.

Key brands in the show included Matix, Peter Grimm, Fox, Oakley, Metal Mulisha, Seychelles, DC, BC Footwear, K.Bell, Keep a Breast, which debuted their first full collection, Lost, Ezekiel, Vans, Lucy Love, Sitka, Livity Outernational, DVS, Osiris, Element, O’Neill, Dakine, Surf Monk, Volcom, Rip Curl, and Toes on the Nose.

Here’s a look at the top 15 runway shots from the show. Stay tuned next week for Part 2.