Bread and Butter's show theme for January 2013.

Undoubtedly the leading fashion trade show in Europe for Street and Urbanwear, Bread and Butter in Berlin leads the way for evolution in cadence with the changing times. On Sept 4, 2012, President Karl-Heinz Muller announced his show has faced some decisions and would be editing out specific brands in the future and limiting the space of the show, and changing the format of the various sections or neighborhoods to better meet the needs of the challenges forecasted for fashion in the near future.

Their upcoming show, January 15-17, 2013 at the Airport Berlin Tempelhof, will have the theme “Big Time—for the bold and brave brands,” but also under the original guidance Bread and Butter started with which was “a trade show for selected brands.”

Here’s what Karl-Heinz Muller had to say:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

BREAD & BUTTER “BIG TIME – for the bold & brave brands” is the claim for the upcoming event, which will take place from 15th – 17th January 2013. And this is meant to be taken literally.

Allow me to start by taking a look back at the past:

BREAD & BUTTER was founded in Cologne in 2001 and moved to Berlin just after three events. Despite all prophecies of doom, the brave ones followed this spectacular step. Their confidence was highly rewarded; many important brands took part in the first Berlin event in January 2003. Berlin was a success right from the start.

In July 2005, we moved the event to Barcelona. At that time, no event location offering enough potential for a successful future was available in Berlin. BREAD & BUTTER Barcelona was also very successful; we grew fast and became the most important European tradeshow for Street- and Urbanwear within shortly.

In 2009 we returned home to Berlin, since the city of Berlin provided us with the disused airport Berlin-Tempelhof. We are proud and glad to host our event in this grand location which is unique in the world. The logistical and financial efforts were immense, unusual ways were necessary and we surely kept the industry in suspense. Only the flexibility of our exhibitors and visitors made it all possible. Compared to other European fashion metropolises Berlin is in a very good position. July 2012 already saw the seventh B&B edition since our return to Berlin.

Many speculations could be heard at the last event that we wanted to change the location on the one hand, and that I was about to sell BREAD & BUTTER on the other; both are not true.

I am very proud of my company – selling it is beyond any question. Furthermore, I fully support Berlin; no other city in Europe could be any better for BREAD & BUTTER than the German capital.

However, I am not happy with everything. We have no alternative but to select our exhibitors even more carefully in the future. Our relevant top brands expect a strict selection and the adjustment of their neighbourhoods. As a consequence, we will part with a number of existing, also long-term exhibitors.

We go back to our roots: “BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands”.

Mutual acceptance has been the foundation of our concept from the very beginning; it’s the most important key to our common success. We will reposition BREAD & BUTTER for the future. As of now, we will only accept brands and labels enjoying the necessary acceptance in the community. This applies to bigger brands, but also to smaller labels.

We are aware that the whole fashion industry will face great challenges in the future. As the leading international tradeshow in the appealing Street- and Urbanwear segment, BREAD & BUTTER has to remain a driving force and must take on the responsibility. With utmost determination! And with the knowledge of all consequences. We consciously accept the loss of space, not without the confidence that potential exhibitors will honor this courageous step.

In a style-defining way BREAD & BUTTER characterizes like no other tradeshow in the world, “Contemporary Street- and Urbanwear for Women and Men”.

Accordingly we will restructure the hall concepts and create newly designed areas in close cooperation with our exhibitors; the neighbourhoods will massively change. I think this meets the demands of all parties involved.

In the course of the next days, we will undertake the necessary measures to inform those brands and labels with whom we cannot continue to cooperate due to the above-mentioned reasons.

With this in mind, I wish: A Big Time for the Bold & Brave Brands!

Stay tuned for more news on changes at Bread & Butter coming soon.