It’s Back to the Street for Bread & Butter in January, 2015.

Following the cancellation of BREAD & BUTTER for January 2015, the management of BREAD & butter GmbH & Co.KG saw itself forced to file for insolvency on 16th December 2014. On the same day, the attorney Christian Graf Brockdorff (BBL) was appointed preliminary receiver in insolvency.

According to BREAD & BUTTER, having been caught up in various turbulences lately, it is to be restored to profitability with the help of the legal instruments now on hand. The operative business of the 14 oz. stores, which belong to the company, will be continued. The same applies to the 14 oz. web shop.

Karl-Heinz Müller said, “Many will understand how painful taking this step was for me. But due to legal obligations, I had no other choice. After the cancellation of our January event, we received an unexpected wave of encouragement and support. Therefore we are working on an alternative concept for January 2015 already: “BREAD & BUTTER – BACK TO THE STREET” for those who are willing to dare taking the next step with us and who can still react on such short notice.”

Preliminary receiver in insolvency Christian Graf Brockdorff stated: “At B&B, I have met a highly motivated team of specialists who have expressed their strong will to continue the company’s activities. This is why my team and I will offer our greatest possible support to this Berlin flagship company, in order to secure the financial recovery and the continuation of the business. This includes the execution of the event in January 2015!”

No comments were made at this time about the July edition of Bread & Butter or the Bread & Butter show in South Korea scheduled for the Fall, 2015.