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Google Launches Merch Store for Bands to Sell Off YouTube Clips


Partnering with Topspin, Songkick, iTunes, and Amazon, Google’s YouTube Merch Store will pack it in for musicians and fans.

Warped Tour 2012 Dates Announced–Music Tour Season Kick-off for 2012


In it’s earliest announcement ever, the Warped Tour has announced their schedule of dates for 2012. Sponsors, musicians, and fans starting to make plans.

Coke’s Move to the Beat Olympic Campaign Hopes to Draw Youth Culture To London Games 2012


Taking sounds of 5 Olympic athletes at sport, Grammy winner Mark Ronson and Katy B are chosen to fuse Olympics with youth. But there are flaws in the masterly planned and expensive campaign.

Why Get Sponsored When You’re Bigger Than Your Sponsors? Introducing the Shaun White Supply Co.


Shaun White’s new gig with D6 Sports could trigger changes in action sports as he rolls out his own stuff (except for snowboards which Burton is probably stoked about).