The Sport and Street trade show CHIC Young Blood aimed at bringing sportswear, denim, and streetwear brands together.

Over the past several years, China has increasingly embraced crossover youth culture trends between music, action sports, and lifestyle fashion -particularly streetwear. From Oakley’s Air & Style event featuring Shaun White last December, to the X Games in Shanghai, and the rise of street art and lifestlye cultures in denim, sneakers, apparel, and accessories, its becoming a booming marketplace for brands that have saturated the United States and are in search of new growth opportunities.

Last week, CHIC fashion trade fair in Beijing announced the collaboration with Young Blood to create another trade show dedicated to streetwear, denim, and sportswear to take place September 27-29, 2011 at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in downtown Beijing. The idea other than the trade show itself is to create a networking and marketing platform for key brands within these industries -generally youth culture–with various activities such as dance, music, and games towards generating a friendly, lifestyle atmosphere. Stay tuned for more once the show rolls around.

Wanning, Island of Hainan/China. Photo by ASP.

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) announced that for the first time ever, the will be bringing hosting an event in China, the Swatch Girls Pro, hosted by the City of Wanning on the Island of Hainan from October 26-30, 2011. This will be the crowning even of the 2011 ASP Women’s Longboard Champion.

“ASP International is thrilled to bring the sport of surfing to China for the first time in history,” Brodie Carr, ASP International CEO, said. “China has already served as the gracious host for several successful sporting events including the NBA, the MLB, FIFA, the Olympics, and several others, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to bring the sport of kings to the Far East. We’re also extremely pleased to be entering into this endeavour with Swatch and furthering their commitment to women’s surfing around the world.”

“The City of Wanning is delighted and proud to host the SWATCH GIRLS PRO China,” Ding shijiang Mayor of Wanning said. “It’s the first ever international surfing event in China, and the city will do its best to make it a success.”

This will mark the second partnership between women’s surfing and Swatch as they already sponsor the Swatch Girls Pro France, an ASP 6-Star women’s event. “The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai shows the importance of China and Art for the Swatch Group and for the Swatch brand,” Arlette-Elsa Emch, President of Swatch said. “Art is one of the three pillars of Swatch, along with Fashion and Sport. Emotions are a big part of all three pillars. Swatch is delighted to return to the island of Hainan. After being present with the Swatch Beach Volleyball World Tour events, we’re very excited to see the best Longboard female surfers competing in Wanning.”