Pitch Perfect by Nike Sportswear and The Fader Magazine.

Other than the Umbro Artist Campaign that we featured before, another one high on our radar for originality, reach, and multi-dimensional purpose is The Fader Magazine‘s campaign with Nike Sportswear called “Pitch Perfect.” A celebration of music, culture, and art, the Pitch Perfect campaign features 6 mixedtapes from 6 different continents, including cover art inspired by the different continents featured.

So far, Pitch Perfect has rolled out 3 mixedtapes, with Volume 1 featuring musicians from South America, produced by DJ Maga Bo, and Volume 2 featuring musicians from Europe, produced by DJ Sinden, and Volume 3 featuring Australia produced by Canyons.

You can listen to them here.

The second cool collaboration comes from adidas Originals latest mash-up with Star Wars. The clip is hysterical, with Snoop Dogg playing Luke Skywalker and David Beckham as Han Solo. Other featured characters include Daft Punk, Noel Gallagher, and many others. Of course product placements are throughout, but it’s one of those viral must-watch mash-ups that are far more effective than a straight-up ad.

The World Cup @ Crewest

On view at Los Angeles’ premiere urban art gallery Crewest is “The World Cup @ Crewest” that not only features art but includes get-togethers with viewings throughout the month of key games and highlights to “unite people together through their common love of a game and the arts.”

“At Crewest we want to share in that joy and excitement happening around the globe and transform the gallery into the Downtown viewing destination for the World Cup throughout the month of June. We hope to bring together art and soccer fans alike to share in each others company as we celebrate the month long experience” says the Gallery Director Man One (who by the way was a former professional soccer player).

On display starting tomorrow June 5th are customized soccer balls donated by PUMA as well as each artist’s works in association with the World Cup viewing parties to take place all month long. Not all the artwork is soccer related but exemplifies the individual artist’s style and technique.

Artists Vyal Huit and Man One to exhibit very original graffiti based work. While also on display from artists Isais Crow and Travis Moore will be works based on portraitures of actual soccer stars from this year’s the World Cup. French artist Happy Friandise will be presenting a very playful custom ball in her “Happy Plush” style as she calls it which is a cut and sew characterized pillow of sorts. Other notable artwork by Michael Pizarro known for his original art on skate decks and Werc known for his beautiful paintings dealing with Mexican border issues.

Crewest will also be featuring their first urban vinyl toy designer of the month Steve Talkowski. Aside from submitting a custom ball and artwork for the exhibition he will be flying in from NY to do a special signing event for his new toy “Sketchbot” which will launch here on the West Coast on June 19th 2010.

Check-out Crewest for the World Cup viewing dates times and teams.

Soccer ball ice cubes.

Finally for those entertaining during the World Cup what can be better than soccer ball ice cubes? Of course this comes from Japan. JapanTrendShop now has this nifty aluminum ball mold maker than can make 30mm ice balls or 65mm ice balls.

This product so intricately detailed on their site with diagrams even has its own YouTube instructional video.