Feitag’s cool new denim campaign for their compostable denim.

Freitag continues push trends when it comes to sustainability, fashion, and style, this time with their five-pocket denim jeans that are completely 100% compostable.

First, as they describe it, denim is back in Europe where the name started, “de Nimes” for denim and “genes” in French. Using their F-ABRIC denim, they’ve created denim jeans using true hemp and linen.

Interestingly, these jeans come without rivets or polyester threads and the buttons are metal that can be unscrewed out of the jeans when their usefulness is done and reused. There are men’s and women’s collections in dark blue and black denim. The cost is where it may hurt however, at $245 a pair. But then again, cheap denim rarely means they are made sustainably.

The creative campaign around their new denim collection is very unique and shows a horse on a lunge line cantering in a circle. Suddenly, a horse acrobat mounts from the ground and doing a series of moves, including dismounting and mounting, he somehow is able to pull on a pair of the jeans. Just when you think the shows over (because he has his jeans on and is riding), he flips around backwards on the horse and helps a blonde-headed girl leap on the horse from the back where she then stands while the horse is still cantering and pulls on her pair of denim. They then both flip around forward and ride off.

Check it out.

Freitag’s 100% compostable denim.