Princess Leia Awaits the Subway. Shot from Improv Everywhere%uFFFDs Star Wars Subway Car.

Improv Everywhere was at it again this weekend, this time in New York City with a subway car. Known for creating scenes in public places and providing some of the best culture jamming scenarios around the world, they have a knack for changing ordinary circumstances into something extraordinary.

In this sequence, they staged a reenactment of the first Princess Leia encounter with the storm troopers, who then take the Princess to meet Darth Vader. Spreading out actors in different parts of the train ride, each character was perfectly timed to “step into the scene” or subway car at the exact right moments of the script.

This is what Princess Leia was reading on the subway. Genius creation of a mock-cover by the Improv Everywhere guys.

The Star Wars Subway Car scene was edited by Matt Adams and arranged by Tyler Walker.