Non-Toxic Revolution incorporates cool elements of street art into their launch campaign. Images courtesy of Non-Toxic Revolution.

We are pleased to announce that our friends at Keep-a-Breast have officially launched their latest initiative called the Non-Toxic Revolution (NTR). In keeping with their tradition of scoring amazing artists and engaging youth culture in non-traditional, grassroots ways, NTR utilizes the skills of Shepard Fairey’s design agency Studio Number One in its cool iconography, and has launched a viral video that’s sweeping the world with it’s rad-factor and information.

Wheatpaste in NYC off Roebling and Metropolitan Streets.

Non Toxic Revolution%u2122 ‘s mission is to inform, educate and inspire young people to revolt against the dangers of toxic chemicals in their environment and food supply especially those linked to the initiation of breast cancer. Its aim is to focus on prevention as a means to maintaining long-term health and well-being. NTR also provides alternative choices so that young people everywhere can make smart changes.

NTR is part of The Keep A Breast Foundation%u2122’s mission to encourage youth to embrace prevention as a deterrent to breast cancer and other breast diseases and cancers.

The video goes into detail of what harmful chemicals to be avoided and how best to achieve a more healthy lifestyle while engaging and challenging young people to look at how they live and the choices they make.

NTR like KAB utilizes some of the best artistic talent in the world. Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One assisted with design and icons for the site.

We were fortunate enough to hang with the NTR crew during the launch of the Vans Warped Tour kick-off party in Brooklyn last month which was when Casey Cochran who runs NTR, and his posse, were out and about wheatpasting and spreading the message about their upcoming launch.

Now, the site is in full form and the NTR bus is out on tour to educate and radicate and get others to join the revolution throughout the United States.

Check it out:

Non Toxic Revolution Master PSA from Keep A Breast Foundation on Vimeo.