The Pendletones, a.k.a. The Beach Boys, used to wear this flannel after a day of surf. Featured on their record album cover.

Pendleton was exhibiting for the first time in years last week during the fashion trade shows in Las Vegas, showcasing a heritage-inspired booth at the fast-growing show called Workroom located next to Project. Along with several other surprises within this show (story posting later this week), Pendleton revealed a little known secret that connects them to the original surf culture of Southern California and the Beach Boys.

The story came up when we were talking to the reps at their booth about how Pendleton seems to be popping up in surf ads and other action sports. First with their classic red, yellow, and green striped Pendleton blankets in Roxy ads, and their recent collaboration with Vans shoes. That’s when they revealed that actually, Pendleton checked-flannel shirts were the ones that the Beach Boys actually wore on the cover of their various surf-inspired albums.

Pendleton vintage denim jacket with patterns, on the radar for Fall 2011.

As a matter of fact, the Beach Boys used to call themselves the “Pendletones” before they became known as the Beach Boys, based on wearing these flannel shirts after surfing to get warm.

In celebration of the 50-year-anniversary with the Beach Boys’ story and association with fashion and music, they’ve included a tag on the inside of their Eco-Wise flannel shirts that tells the story of this style and the Beach Boys connection. Pendleton has also patented the checks pattern, which adds to its authenticity.

Pendleton heritage with Native Amerian prints and classic plaids.

Like several other exhibitors at Project and Workroom, the Pendleton Fall 2011 collection also included Native American prints, uniquely styled accessories such as blankets, gloves, and belts, plus denim mixed with various patterns that are signature of the brand, and a select assortment of classic cardigans.

Stay tuned for more from the trade shows including upcoming reviews on MAGIC, S.L.A.T.E., Street, Project, Workroom, and Pool.

Other aspects of the Pendleton booth showcasing accessories, cardigans, and style.