PSFK%uFFFDs recent video interview with street artist Shepard Fairey about his work with the non-profit New York CityKids showcases the power of art, the creative process, and expression towards making significant change in youth culture.

Interestingly, Shepard talks about reaching young people early on, before “they are beaten down, feeling powerless,” to give them ideas and creative tools to get them thinking and coming up with solutions before they encounter problems.

Shepard talks about one of his favorite %uFFFD80%uFFFDs artists Keith Haring, and his social justice artwork as an inspiration, and also why he decided to work with CityKids–which was an organization that Haring, too, dedicated time with.

This recent show in May called “A Postivie Thought Cannot Be Denied,” dealt with themes ranging from teen violence, social injustice, and the environment. 100 kids from the program participated in creating murals using pieces of Shepards artwork and aesthetic.

Also to note in the video are the street dance sequences which as we%uFFFDve reported in our Global Youth Culture Studies, continues to be a strong, growing movement and one of the most trending “crossover sports” happening in youth culture.

As Shepard states, “A positive idea, a good idea, it%uFFFDs bulletproof.”