Shepard Fairey with his notorious Hope campaign design. Photo by Hollywood Reporter.

Totalitarianism may not be so far removed as it once seemed when George Orwell penned his classic “1984” in 1949. The timing seems eerily perfect for another remake, which street artist Shepard Fairey has been rallying for by moving forward to get Imagine Entertainment’s power players Brian Grazer and Ron Howard on board.

Shepard, who last hit the mainstream yet again after being nominated to create Time Magazine’s Person of the Year “The Protestor” seems in the prime position to make this happen. If all plans go through as expected, he’ll get a producer credit to his name.

As a reminder, 1984 focuses on a futuristic post-nuclear world steeped in political propaganda, surveillance, limited personal rights, and totalitarian politics. The lead character, Winston Smith works for the government’s Ministry of Truth, which in essence, is about as untruthful as it can be. (Think, No Child Left Behind policy leaving children behind.) The most recent adaptation of the movie was of course in 1984 starring John Hurt and Richard Burton.

It’s unknown who would star in a 2012-13 version of 1984, but it will be noteworthy for many reasons. Shepard is among a growing movement of street artists that have gained mainstream credibility for his work recreating public spaces into a canvas for protest communication. Moving into films with a dystopian nature is a perfect fit within his legacy. Just as Banksy’s documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” made waves in 2010 when it launched at the Sundance Film Festival, so too would this collaboration between Howard, Grazer, and Fairey.

Stay tuned for more as the story unfolds.