Sony PSP Go

E3 sneak peaks are leaking out everywhere this weekend as a ramp-up to major press announcements and the E3 trade show starting Tuesday, June 2-4, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. First sneak preview is the Sony PSP Go, which features many elements that gamers have been waiting for ever since the PSP 3000 came out.

Details of the PSP Go, to be featured at E3 with much anticipated fanfare (stay tuned for fresh stories from the trade show floor), include a 3.8 inch display, 43% lighter weight, 16GB of memory, Bluetooth built in, a memory stick slot, and Playstation network support meaning that it supports movie and TV rentals and works with Playstation 3.

The other great difference here is that the screen slides out, sort of like a Sidekick, displaying the controls underneath. This ergodynamic, sleek design makes this a hot commodity.

No word yet on the price of the PSP Go, which is expected to launch this Fall and actually not replace the PSP 3000, but sit side-by-side, according to sources. However if you’ve got the option of getting a PSP Go, why opt for the hefty old-school PSP 3000?