Sergio Rossi X Puma Collection–Photo by colette

The first time we saw sneaker high heels was of course when visiting Japan and noticing a chic-sneak pair of Converse heels in Harajuku. Typical of what you may find in Japan in terms of leading-edge footwear trends, it’s taken awhile for the concept to hit the shores of America. Not to be all Hypebeast (via SoleBlvd) about the latest in sneaker designs, but here are two new sneaker style news tips that caught our attention: First the collaboration between Italian artist Sergio Rossi and Puma with their candy-colored chic-sneak high heels, and the news from TMZ that Kanye West is indeed designing sneaks for Louis Vuitton to be released in June 2009.

The Sergio Rossi X Puma collection includes a comeback of satin coverings and candy-colored shades taken from the old-school Clyde sneak from 1973. The collection also includes leather sneak heels with a coveted design technology by Puma. These chic-sneaks will first appear in the Paris concept store Colette January 26 before coming to the States.

In this picture, Kanye is actually wearing the white sneaks he’s designing for LVMH to be released in June 2009. It’s interesting to see how Louis Vuitton continues to music celeb icons for collaborations, as we reported last month with Madonna X Vuitton for bags and accessories. It’s also quite ironic that despite the horrible economy, such luxury items are still being created, but fans of Louis Vuitton and Kanye West will probably try everything to save up for a pair of these white puppies. TMZ has a Kanye sneaker vid posted on YouTube to see the collaboration in action.