Banksy’s street art gets framed in Bristol

Banksy, the renowned street artist from Bristol, recently had one of his murals framed by 20 local fans with wood and glass to keep those crazy, vandal, graffiti, artists from defacing his graffiti art. Telegraph reports that local fans of their homeboy want to preserve the work that started in their city and so they not only bought the glass and wood to frame one of Banksy’s legendary pieces, but have actually paid a guy to install the frame on the side of the building where it’s located. It’s amazing how far street art’s come these days.

Andre for Hotel Amour–Photo shoot by The Selby

Andre, the famous street and graffiti artist from Paris, as well hotelier, was chosen to decorate a once hourly-rate joint, Hotel Amour in Paris. The results are a very cool looking hotel complete with many Andre-isms such as his “Mr. A” and smiley faces, signature pink colors and graffiti fonts, and urban vinyl toy collection. The Selby’s photo shoot shows Andre in his element. Yet another example of how street and graffiti artists are on the rise as the new cultural heroes of our times.

The Selby Photo Shoot of Hotel Amour–this room is decorated by Andre, complete with his Mr. A pillow faces and urban vinyl toy collection.