The Simspon%uFFFDs opening sketches by Banksy. Sketches from Banksy.

As marketers and advertisers (and fashion players) continue to look towards subcultures such as street and graffiti art as the new form of gaining cred among youth culture, we find it interesting that our stories on such artists and their work have increasingly drawn more attention. It’s as though finally, a veil has been lifted, and the underground, covert, genius of many top street artists is in huge demand, especially by people such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey.

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Banksy sketch from The Simpson%uFFFDs opening in October, 2010.

However in this piece, two latest developments have recently been posted that show the talent behind both of these street artists. Banksy, on his own site, just posted the sketches/storyboards of how he created The Simpson’s opening back in October 2010. When we first ran that story, the video clip was live, but immediately taken down by the network (not ours ). Since then, it’s eventually been released on YouTube and we have it back up live. Here, Banksy reveals what went into creating this opening, as he illustrations his sketches for each block. Check out more tiles here.

Arkitip Magazine has finally released their much-anticipated Shepard Fairey, limited-edition issue, complete with a cool video that illustrates what subscribers can expect. This issue is completely dedicated to Shepard, including the entire design, and an Andre the Giant stencil cover. Inside are colorful images of Shepard’s latest works, and a lengthy interview with the artist.