Designer Melody Ehsani showcasing her collection of ’80’s and hip-hop inspired jewelry.

A unique space created at Project MVMNT trade show last winter was a new area of curated top female designers and brands called Street Hearts. Located on a wide black platform and placed right in the middle of the streetwear section, Street Hearts captured the attention of buyers and media, but also the other menswear brands in the area that welcomed the ladies whole-heartedly.

Featured brands included Coco & Breezy, Melody Ehsani, HLZ BLZ, and Love+Made all showcasing their unique upcoming collections.

Love Made tells the story of a collection for women that crossover from streetwear to skate to brand snob boutique shoppers.

Linda Nguyen, director of Love + Made stated that their brand is more than just streetwear. “Love + Made is unique in that we can enter different markets besides streetwear. We can also be for the high street fashion girl, but also the girl who’s into surfing or skating, or the brand snob who’s into boutiques.”

Coco & Breezy create handcrafted sunglasses that have already been seen a number of top musicians and personalities. As Breezy described their work, it’s all made with personality and unique touches such as different colorways and styles.

Coco and Breezy and their unique sunglasses.

For designer Melody Ehsani, her attention grabbing jewelry is inspired from the world of hip-hop and ‘80’s, but recreating jewelry in a different light. She too stated that being in the Street Hearts area was a successful solution even though it was a platform right in the middle of what can be a very clique-ish menswear part of the show.

Overall, Street Hearts was a success. It created a fresh area to see street-savvy women designers collections in an area that’s known for its heavy traffic. As Lanie Barcena, creative director of HLZ BLZ and BYOB wrapped-it up, while some people think women in fashion don’t necessarily support each other or can be caddy, she said she was glad to show her collection alongside other talented women—people that she also looks up to.

HLZ BLZ and BOYB crew are among the leaders of the scene and believed Street Hearts was a success.

If Street Hearts is any indication of where things are headed, we can probably anticipate more street-savvy women’s brands in the mix at the next Project MVMNT.

Check out the video.

Street Hearts at the Project MVMNT party.