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Label Networks is on Twitter!

Want to follow Label Networks%uFFFD global youth culture street reporters and researchers? Need the 140-word inside scoop fast? Here%uFFFDs your chance.

Twitter’s Real-Time Search is Melting Google

Social search is so now, that it makes Google search seem positively pre-historic.

Street Artist Shepard Fairey in Legal Battle Over Iconic Obama Artwork

Associated Press considers suing Shepard Fairey over copyright infringement bringing to question what is art.

China Youth Digital Lifestyle -Fresh Data Results from Label Networks 2009 Study Reveals Telling Changes in Internet Patterns, Blogging, Social Networking, Websites

Happy Chinese New Year! Knowing China’s youth market online patterns reveals future market potential plus forecasts for the world’s largest youth demographic.

Mexico X Japan Collaboration: Lost”Myth of Tomorrow” is Found and Returns to New Permanent Home in Shibuya Station

Mexican-commissioned mural of 1945 atomic bombings in Japan is found and goes back to its original source of tragic inspiration. A showstopper, young Japanese stop to click mobile pics by the thousands.