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Label Networks has asked a very important question to North American youth culture markets: “Which of the following affects you most in your daily life?” Results are part of our new Humanitarian Youth Culture Profile Report (also known as the Green Marketing Report by subscribers) that looks at humanitarian” environmental and lifestyle issues effecting young people mostly.

Based on a representative sample of more than 5 000 13-25-year-olds in North America, the top aspect that effects their lives mostly is Gas Prices at 27.4%, followed by the Cost of education at 15.9% Peer pressure at 11.4%, Domestic violence at 10%, Lack of jobs at 9.3%, Low minimum wage at 7.3% Racism at 4.3%, Cost of food at 3.3%, and Credit card debt at 3% (see charts and graphs for additional top results). What’s interesting about these results is that even for younger demographics that cannot drive yet, the cost of Gas does impact their lives greatly. But even more surprising is the High cost of education and Domestic violence which rank terribly high as a concern among young people.

While Peer pressure has often been noted as being a major concern among young people”, what’s interesting about it is that 12.6% of females name Peer pressure compared with 8.8% of males. In addition, Peer pressure peaks among the youngest demographics at 34.2% of 13-14-year-olds, then sharply decreases the older the demographic. This quantifies the incredible amount of peer pressure on 13-14-year-olds, especially females.

The results by gender in many ways are similar across the board indicating a strong sense of the top concerns overall. The differences to point out are Peer pressure with higher percentages among females, slightly higher percentages among males that say Domestic violence, Gas Prices which is higher among males, and Credit card debt which is also higher among males (even though most people think this is higher among females).

By age groups, there are important direct correlations in that the younger the demographic, the higher the percentages that are affected by Peer pressure, Domestic Violence, and Racism, whereas Cost of Education peaks among 18-20-year-olds as well as Gas Prices.

Overall, what can be noted is that by specific demographics, different aspects affect young people more so than others. However there are clearly problems that need to be addressed early on such as Domestic Violence, Peer pressure, and Racism among younger demographics, and Gas Prices overall not only to help youth culture in North America, but gain strides in obtaining their confidence based on top concerns.

For more information about the Humanitarian Youth Culture Profile Report, email info@labelnetworks.com; (323) 630-4000 to obtain subscription information for the Premium Global Youth Culture Subscription 2008.