All Photos by Kathleen Gasperini and Tom Wallace
Photo of an original piece being done live at Crewest by Overton Loyd and Geroge Clinton pictured here

Crewest Gallery continues to be the leading-edge showcase for top street and graffiti artists, but on opening night of their new show called “The Sharpie Show,” on February 7th, it made a new record for bringing out the best. The artists in this show read like a who’s-who of graffiti and street art, including ManOne, the gallery owner, plus work by King 157, Overton Loyd, WERC, Zen One, Dash 200 Fidel, Make One, Mear One, Noek, Project Rabbit, Relax, Vyal, Sherm, Thor, Indie 184, Gustavo Albert Garcia Vaca, among others. The show was hung with not only loads of individual Sharpie creations, but also included live exhibitions from Overton Loyd and George Clinton (Mr. PFunk himself), and screen printing by Two Rabbits.

More than 700 cruised into the show on opening night February 7th at Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles

More than 700 people filed into the space during the rainy evening, including Zach de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine (who has become a serious fan of Crewest), Estevan Oriol (famed photographer/director/Joker Brand), Efren Ramirez (from Napolean Dynamite), Overton Loyd the original PFunk artist, Toni Basil (Oh Mickey!), and Lonnie Marshall (musician/Weapon of Choice).

We asked ManOne what he thought of the show, which runs until March 1st at Crewest, “I honestly cannot believe how successful this show has been. I can’t believe no one’s done a Sharpie Show like this either because it’s the weapon of choice for many artists.”

According to ManOne, “Sharpie loves our idea of having an exhibit focused on art created with the use of their markers and pens, so they%uFFFDre officially sponsoring it and lending their support. It%uFFFDs building up to be quite a show! We got cats from all over the U.S. and the world participating. Graff artists, illustrators, cartoonists, tattoo artists and designers alike.”

The show has been so hyped in art media, from Juxtapoz Magazine, Day in the Lyfe Magazine, to every Los Angeles and New York arty blog, and will be taken on the road in the near future

Check out the full list of artists here:

Created on-site opening night

Sharpie art on wood paneling