“Christiania” by ZONENKINDER.

Painting faces on dead wood in nature isn’t exactly considered urban art, but renowned duo, urban artists, Carolin and Phil Goldstein (a.k.a. ZONENKINDER), from Berlin, have taken their skills into nature.

The Tree Project.

We found this inspirational piece from Wooster Collective who brought this story to life by highlighting the work called “The Tree Project.” The project actually started in 2006, but simply continues to grow. Using nature and its ephemeral properties, the Goldsteins use such platforms as branches, stumps, leaves, and mushrooms to create their work, then photograph the paintings and sell prints, including the “KODAMA” print for International Day of Forests on March 21.

Painting on dead wood brings new awareness to life.

All of the tree paint is made of biodegradable color which fades over time.

Check out their latest video (in German) and interview: Both of you are based in hip-hop and graffiti-culture. What kinds of other styles and influences have inspired your work?

A lot comes to mind: special places, music, colours and atmospheres, nature spectacles, bizarre forms and patterns, travelling, people… concerning the art scene, there is also the “Figuration Libre” movement, Miyazaki Hayao and (pop) surrealism as well as the cooperation of artist couples like Niki de Saint Phalle & Jean Tinguely. Additionally, simply our passion for graffiti culture / urban art. We are happy about detailed murals made by our buddies Interezni Kazki (Ukraine), about tags or weird characters on stickers, bright colours applied to trains or on the streets, works by OZ (R.I.P). We especially like the contrast between dirty throw-ups and street pieces, posters, 3D objects…whenever two different pieces are coming together to communicate and to form a contrast. In this manner the city becomes a giant artwork, a public gallery – accessible for everyone.

Carolin and Phil Goldstein of ZONENKINDER Collective.