The launch party of The World Cup @ Crewest show in downtown Los Angeles June 5th attracted scores of people interested in street art and the love of soccer, including live coverage from Fox Sports Espanol.

As we reported in our round-up story last week about interesting campaigns for the 2010 FIFA World Cup kick-off in South Africa starting June 11, the Crewest Gallery show not only features art, but includes get-togethers with viewings throughout the month of key games and highlights to “unite people together through their common love of a game and the arts,” says ManOne, co-owner of the gallery, and who was also a former professional soccer player.

Isaias Crow who painted live on site at the opening party.

“At Crewest, we want to share in that joy and excitement happening around the globe and transform the gallery into the Downtown viewing destination for the World Cup throughout the month of June. We hope to bring together art and soccer fans alike to share in each others company as we celebrate the month long experience.”

Customized artist renditions of paintings and corresponding soccer balls sponsored by Puma are on display, including work by ManOne, Vyal, Huit, Isaias Crown, Travis Moorie, Michael Pizarro, known for his original art on skate decks, Werc known for his beautiful paintings dealing with Mexican border issues, and French artist Happy Friandise presenting a playful custom ball in her “Happy Plush” style.

The show will run until July 4th.

ManOne with his World Cup artwork and signature soccer ball–which sold in minutes.

Colorful artwork by Else in Crewest%uFFFDs Featured Artist Room.

Isaias Chow artwork and soccer ball.

Steve Talkowski%uFFFDs art and urban vinyl toys and art wall.

Travis Moore was on site as well. Known for his Sharpie on canvas work.

More from Travis Moore.

Time to Pray to the Soccer Gods ball by Gera Lozano.

Isaias Crow painting Chicharito Hernandez live at Crewest.

Michael Pizarro, known for painting skate decks, and his art boards and soccer ball.

Crewest DJs and crowd during the opening of The World Cup at Crewest show in downtown LA.

Michael Pizarro masterpiece.