got Ice Cube to talk about the latest exhibition at The Eames house. It couldn’t be more perfect.

We love this video by Ice Cube talking about what makes LA so LA, and his love of architecture, The Eames house, and “going green 1949-style, bitch.”
Celebrating an exhibit by, a collective that showcases latest art events taking place across Southern California, it’s the perfect interpretation of what gives this city its cultural extremes.

Ice Cube talks about the good the bad and the ugly about LA. “The good: The Forum, the 5 Torches, the Cocteau Inn. The bad: The Traffic. Each freeway has its own personality: The 405, “bourgy” traffic; the 110, haha! That’s gangsta traffic. The ugly: What’s one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And the story continues.

Ice Cube takes the viewer on a walk-through of The Eames house.

Before Ice Cube became a rapper, he studied architectural drafting. He loves the Eames house because the designers, a husband and wife team, were so ahead of their time, creating a recycled prefab house basically before “mash-ups were mash-ups” according to Cube. Seeing the structure through Ice Cube’s eyes really brings the genius of this house to another level.

Overall, the effectiveness of this video belays the crossover of a music icon, a city’s culture, art and architecture, and the study of green movements to a new audience that may have never considered such exhibits before.