686 X Scion Racing Numeric car.

Among the many cool things that came out of Agenda last week was the 686 X Scion Racing Car called the “Numeric”—the first official snowboarding car. Marking the 20th Anniversary for 686 outerwear and clothing, the collaboration is unique in many ways mainly because the car was recreated inspired from a snowboarding and skateboarding brand.

The details, other than the matching yellow and blue colors with the snowboarding outwear collection that was exhibited, include the following: the snow ties reflect NB686 snowboarding boots and New Balance tires, the top is designed like a protective snowboarding helmet (complete with patented brim technology), the windshield is designed from Dragon’s APX frameless goggle, the Aparco seats are inspired from the Union team snowboard bindings and are constructed like a high-back binding.

High-back like bucketseats.

Of course the soundsystem is engineered and designed by Skullcandy, and GoPro brought in their POV visual racing mirrors and interior map. But there’s more! Vestal watches and their ZR-3 Chronograph inspired the time gauges, Freewaters sandals worked on the heated floor mats, Recco rescue systems offered up their radar technology for on the road and mountain terrain while driving.

In terms of skateboarding, Blind skateboard’s street artists Marc McKee touched-up the interior panels, and 686 with their technical textile prowess actually wrapped the vehicle in their waterproof, breathable snowboarding outerwear—the first car ever wrapped by snowboarding apparel. Comes like a jacket with stitched panels, laser welded seams, waterproof zipper, and mesh venting.

One thing we couldn’t find out however, was the cost. Still, it’s a rad concept.

Front shot of the snowboarding car.