Levi’s Made in Japan collection features a hidden story in each pocket.

Japan is known for making some of the best denim in the world. Levi’s “Made in Japan” collection is a unique combination that combines local Japanese artists towards creating Japanese boro details, different, deeper, indigoes, and various finishes.
Levi’s has announced that it will bring its Made in Japan collection worldwide, rather than just available in Japan, by July, 2014.

Selvedge Made in Japan Levi’s denim.

With the global launch, they are also collaborating with colorist Yogu with a limited-edition collection of hand-painted apparel, T-shirts, and pictures featuring the artist’s style of Buddhist symbols.

Interestingly, while Levi’s Made in Japan collection is unique to the artists and manufacturing of denim in Japan, they still paid great respect to the roots of the brand, with a story hidden within each pocket and adorned with Western vintage graphics.

The 505 and 551 styles will be available in Selvedge Denim and Tint Denim.