Slide from Label Networks%uFFFD Upcoming Presentation at MAGIC, February 18th at 10 a.m.

MAGIC Fashion Trade Show has once again invited Label Networks to present on Global Youth Culture and Street Fashion Trends. Subscribers and fans of Label Networks who will be attending MAGIC are welcome to attend however pre-registration is required as our presentations tend to fill up very fast and the maximum capacity is 300.

Here%uFFFDs a quick description of what to expect:

Today’s street-savvy, post 9/11 Generation continues to re-define not only trends in fashion, but the industry itself as changes in the economy, spending patterns, and lifestyle influences from music, the environment, technology and urban centers determine the make-up of what’s important and one’s sense of personal style. Label Networks’ highly anticipated presentations (which always reach maximum capacity) comprises tight and unique insight into the landscape of global youth street culture fashion trends and lifestyle. Backed by authentic street-level knowledge with fresh angles and inspiration derived from Label Networks’ primary consumer data gathered from thousands of interviews with 13-30-year-olds, plus cutting-edge photography from across North America, Europe, Japan, and China, the Spring Presentation will be ground-breaking in that it reaches beyond fashion to lifestyle influences that determine trends. Topics covered include youth street fashion trends emerging from the most influential landscapes: technology internet, music, sports, and global DIY aesthetics, with specifics on T-shirt graphics, denim directions, accessories, sneaker culture, collaborations, key retailers, and merch.

Label Networks presentation is intended for those seeking insight from a new angle–from the people, from the bottom-up, from the creators of their own barcodes.%u2122

Pre-registration is required! See you in Vegas February 18 at 10.a.m. in the North Hall conference room N261 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.