Project Global Trade Show, one of the premiere denim, streetwear, and upper urban fashion trade shows, that over the last few years has attracted many more brands from street and action sports-crossover, has announced that it’s founder and directory Sam Ben-Avraham will be exiting. The new president will be Andrew Pollard, formerly from Diesel and Sixty USA.

According to Ben-Avraham, the move came about so that he could concentrate full time on his other projects, including a new wholesale business. Ben-Avraham also owns the highly regarded boutiques Atrium in New York, New Jersey, and Miami.

In addition, Project has decided to hold off on its upcoming July show in New York, which is a timeframe and location that has become increasingly more crowded with shows such as Capsule, ENK, and now Agenda.

Pollard says he is planning some new things for Project, including changes in design and various platforms. It will be interesting to see as trade shows continue to morph based in new directors in fashion and the industry.

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