Ron English’s urban vinyl toys. Images¬† by Arrested Motion.

Known for great characters, mix of toys, paintings, and surreal art, Ron English’s latest exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles features the crossover of Americana trends and military influences into the urban vinyl doll space.

Colorfully surreal forest scene by Ron English. He also has camo-fish swimming in a stream that’s worth seeing.

Called “Seasons in Supurbia,” the exhibition brings out his “popaganda” characters including hulk-like girl soldiers, camo-deer, and fish with a military flare. It’s a unique look at how such trends, which first started within the streetwear movement, have moved into art and urban vinyl toys which are still highly collectible among youth culture especially among trendsetters in sneaker culture, music, and street art.

Wooster Collective curated calendars with Taschen books.

Wooster Collective, the leaders in portraying street art around the world, have taken their book collaboration with Taschen one step further by offering different types of street art calendars for 2012. Their book called “TRESPASS: A History of Uncomissioned Urban Art” has been making waves as the latest in cool, collectible coffee table picture books as it features some of the best graffiti and street artists in the world.

According to Wooster, “Over the years TASCHEN had been approached by numerous museums and bookstores inquiring about urban art calendars. After speaking with many of the artists featured in TRESPASS, we quickly learned that they loved the idea. We also realized that this would give us an opportunity to showcase some of our favorite images and work from emerging artists from around the world who we were not able to include in TRESPASS, being that we had completed the book almost a year before it hit store shelves.”

This month TASCHEN is releasing three 2012 Street Art calendars curated by The Wooster Collective.
(1) A 52 Week Diary Calendar
(2) A 12 Month Wall Calendar
(3) A 365 Day Daily Tear Calendar

Some of the artists included in the calendars are: Roadsworth, JR, Dan Witz, Laura Keeble, Faile, Alexandre Orion, Paolo Buggiani, Nele Azevedo, Slinkachu, //kneeon, Jorge Rodriquez-Gerada, Skewville, Mark Jenkins, Swoon, Vhils, Sr.X, Hyuro, Kenny Random, The London Police, Escif, Roa, Thundercut, Phlegm, XOOOOX, Faith47, K-Guy Gabriel Specter, Michael Aaron Williams, JJ Veronis, Slow, Edina Tokodi, Buff Diss, Paul Notzold, Gaia, Invader, Other, James Kalinda, TrustoCorp, Elbow-Toe, Masquerade, Mentelgasse, Ji Lee, Dan Bergeron, C215, Chor Boogie, and more.

Check out Wooster Collective for more information including fun little videos of each calendar.