Navajo prints in brighter modern colors are among trends for the summer 2011.

Photos by Nicole Orbe, Tanisha Bors, Tom Wallace, Kathleen Gasperini

Each summer we provide several street reports from a variety of festivals, street culture, sport events, and gatherings across North America based on key themes that our field reporters are noting among youth culture styles in fashion, footwear, denim, T-shirts, and accessories. In this story, we take a look at a strong pattern that’s emerged with Native American themes.

With a hint of a throwback to the 70’s, yet attached with modern components of 2011, some street styles within this subculture mix Navajo-type prints in bright colors, or paired with modern versions of 80’s style retro RayBan sunglasses. Jumpers in Navajo prints and especially tops capture most of the spirit within this retrospective trend, but we’re also seeing it paired with traditional denim cut-off jean shorts, leggings, denim vests, and wide leather belts.

Feathers and beads, especially used as key hair accessories.

Adding to this look are feathers. Young people raiding their local fishing store for feather lures is not uncommon these days, as well as crafting their own combinations of feather accessories with beads and wearing them as hair pieces, necklaces, earrings, or attached to fringed tops.

Cloth stitched purses in Navajo or Native American prints and turquois beads are also on the radar this summer as a key component to round-out one’s style.

Bright colored Native American inspired prints in stripes are also on the radar–leads taken from blankets from traditional brands such as Pendleton.

The influences are also seen in the growing popularity of moccasins, and calf-high boots made of moccasin-like suedes and leather.

As Americana continues to be a strong trend overall, the growing subculture of Native American styles, colors, prints, and accessories is a spin-off from this movement, bringing with it a new sort of aesthetic that pays homage to America’s oldest ancestors but with a modern twist.

Forest green is also a popular color within these prints, paired with leather belts and denim jean cut-off shorts.

What’s different than the native American inspirations from the 70’s styles are that today, they are paired with modern twists such as sharp colored 80’s RayBan sunglasses, or leggings. In this case, with lace shorts leggings under denim cut-offs.

As seen here again, fringe shirts are a part of this style, woven leather belts, feathers, and in this case the modern actruement is silver metalic patterns in the shirt.

Sleeveless printed tops with wide leather belts synch this look and makes it complete.

Fun Navajo inspired top, with a feather on her purse.

Punk Native American influences here with modern neon colors, skulls, and feather headdresses in her T-shirt graphics.

Peacock patterns in graphics in tops are also popular.

Cloth Native American inspired patterns in purses are on the comeback.
Here’s another interesting beaded bag that is a part of this subculture.

Navajo prints in geometrics crosses over. The jumper style is hot.

Another example of Native American inspired prints with a geometric inspiration and somewhat punk in black and white.

Pale green Native American inspired printed tank top.