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Amazon’s Move Into Fashion Marks the New Gorilla In the Room


The Amazon Clothing Store marks yet another move in the direction of fashion’s online destination, and it has created a huge sense of concern in the industry. First, as the 5th largest most-visited site (after Facebook) it’s got a following, whether people actually buy there or not. Among youth culture today, Amazon is synonymous for […]

Life in an iCloud -Technology Moving at the Speed of Real-Time


Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage today at WWDC and announced a new cloud-based service that does a multiple of things, including changing the music industry.

Retail Round-up: Amazon Buys Online Retailer Zappos; PacSun Lowers Expectations; CIT Tells Fashion Industry to Brace Themselves

The roller coaster ride of retail continues with big highs and lows. Second quarter results, buy-outs, and banking trouble add fuel to the fire.