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Legacy of 70’s and 80’s Music Recordings Honored with Massive Street Art Mural by Faile in NYC


Here is another example of street art as a catalyst for change and communication. Faile has created their largest mural yet in New York City, according to Wooster Collective, to honor the legacy of the building and their early 70’s and 80’s recordings. The location is at 321 West 44th Street. Huge, colorful images and […]

Controversy Over Stolen Banksy Art Taken for Miami Art Basel Brews New Meaning Between Street and Art

Banksy in the Middle East

Wooster Collective has highlighted a disturbing trend in famous street art by those stealing and/or profiting off of what is intentionally meant to be left on the street where the art was created. Marc and Sara Schiller spell out an unfortunate situation at Miami Art Basel with a Banksy piece of art on their site: […]

Street Art Round-up: JR to Receive TED Prize; Wooster Collective X Kickstarter; Banksy in LA, Doesn’t Win an Oscar


Notoriety of street artists is reaching new heights as more are seen as Rebels of Change (in a good way) and creative inspiration is finding new sources of DIY funding and acceptance.

Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art -New Book by Creators of Wooster Collective with Intro by Banksy to Be Released Soon

This isn’t just another graffiti or street art book. Based on unique themes created by writer Carlo McCormick and a team of urban art aficionados, this book is a keepsake on why street art is taking place across the world.

Profile: Surface to Air -Paris Collective, Store, Design and Music Video Directors, Trade Show Creators of Rendezvous and Virtual Fashion Trade Show LeNewBlack

Collectives that capture our attention often have more than just a fab store and collection. The latest from Surface to Air is a trend worth noting -the rise of virtual fashion trade shows.

Guerilla Gardening and Street Art -Turning Torn Ads Into Street Planters

Culture jamming meets recycling meets eco-friendly. If billboard advertisers did this from the start, you’d be they’d get cred.

Famed Street Artist Swoon to Create Salvaged Flotilla to Bring Attention to the Environment, Economy, and Global Relationships

Activism through art continues to grow as the world slips sideways. It’s good to get reminded that inspiration still exists in the most unlikely places and that people are trying to make a difference.