Label Networks%uFFFD chart from the Fashion section of the China Youth Culture Study 2009

This question from our China Youth Culture Study 2009, we have asked in our European, North American, and Japan Youth Culture Studies for 3 years, and have introduced this question in our China Youth Culture Study in 2007. The purpose of this question is to gauge what young people think about other countries in comparison with their own because often the countries that they believe are producing the freshest fashion trends, they often tend to emulate in many ways–even beyond fashion. Overall among 15-25-year-olds in China, 19.6% believe that France is producing the freshest fashion trends, which has greatly changed from 2007 where the USA was clearly the leader at 21.6%. This is followed by Japan at 19.2% which has also changed and increased from 14.7%, indicating a definite shift in where young people are getting their sense of style. This is followed by the United States at 18.9%, then Korea at 13.8%, and Italy at 13.2%. Only 5.7% now say the United Kingdom, which has also dropped since 2007 (see charts and graphs for additional country listings). What’s interesting is that young people in China do not necessarily believe their own country is producing the freshest fashion trends coming in at 5.3%, even though there is a growing “Pride of China” in terms of fashion. The only other country that tends to rank their own country not within the top 3 is Germany, which also tends to have a low belief that their country is producing the freshest fashion trends (see also our European Youth Culture Study). Also, while young people in China are greatly influenced by Korea, including the popularity of Korean dramas among young females, the Korean pop culture music scene among both demographics, and Korean fashion styles, the country is ranked lower than Japan in terms of producing the freshest fashion styles.

By gender, the results are very intriguing and show that each gender views fashion influences differently. For example, 26.1% of males say the USA compared with only 12.3% of females. Females clearly rank France #1 at 24.7%, followed by Japan at 22.8%, then Korea at 16%, and the USA at 12.3%. Males also have higher percentages that say China at 6.5% compared with 4.1% of females.

By age groups, younger demographics name the USA peaking among 15-17-year-olds at 22%, compared with 13.4% of 18-20, and 19.6% of 21-25-year-olds -this has decreased the most among 18-20-year-olds. Those who name France now peaks among 18-20-year-olds at 23.8% followed by 21-25-year-olds at 21.7% but is relatively low among 15-17-year-olds at 12.9%. Korea now peaks among 18-20-year-olds at 15.4%.

Overall, by looking at the specific demographics of gender, and age, you can determine just where specific target markets are most influenced in terms of fashion and apply this information accordingly in marketing, advertising, and brand strategies. For example, when trying to target 15-17-year-olds from Beijing, understanding that the USA is a major fashion influencer is key for successful campaigns, whereas a 21-25-year-old female from Shanghai would be more influenced by an association with France.

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