Oakley’s Story of Distruption.

More smart brands today are realizing that the intersection of new media, technology, and storytelling are vital towards reaching future markets. Branding, marketing, and advertising have are all being revolutionized by the art of unique storytelling skills and platforms.

The FoST Conference, which stands for Future of StoryTelling, which takes place in NYC October 1-2, 2014, is one such example of the growth of storytelling as an important and inspirational component to today’s digital lifestyle, having grown in attendance and demand since its inception in 2012.

So-called “disruptive” storytelling is even more compelling because it brings to light the mad genius of looking at stories, images, ideas, often through the eyes of new technology, new media and social platforms, and with integrated solutions.

Mad-science behind the iconic brand.

That’s why Oakley’s new short film, called A Story of Disruption, narrated by Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey, clearly taps into where things are headed. On May 20, they announced the release of their short film and on-going series that celebrates the Oakley brand philosophy and celebrates the company’s most ground-breaking product designs, from 1975 to present day.

The film navigates from company inception to future possibilities, maverick founder to game-changing athlete icons, and pays tribute to nearly 40 years of industry disruption in a three minute short.

Oakley Story of Disruption The release of the film signals the launch of a dedicated web platform on Oakley.com/disrupt that will house additional storytelling content that explores the people, places and products behind the Oakley brand. Further films will take viewers inside the mind of Oakley “mad scientists” and behind the blast doors of their fortified design bunker in Foothill Ranch, California.

Disruptive by Design is a global brand communication that spans advertising, PR, content, events, retail, social and partnerships. Live in all markets, the campaign includes alliances with WIRED, the leading technology and future trend media brand, and designboom, Europe’s leading digital design magazine, for co-created content and a design brief to find future industry disruptors.

‘This is the beginning of an exciting chapter for the Oakley brand’, said Tom Cartmale, Global Brand Communications Director at Oakley. ‘We have stories that need to be told and philosophies that should be shared, as they have the power to inspire the next generation of innovators. We are excited to present ‘A Story of Disruption’ and bring people closer to the maverick mindset and unconventional design thinking that is infused in our brand’.

A Story of Disruption’ lives on Oakley.com/disrupt, along with further innovative branded content and the #disruptivebydesign social feed.