Acne Paper’s Summer Issue focuses on Youth and the Traditional Arts.

Ever since Black Swan swept-up audiences this past year, there’s been more attention on the traditional arts and young people involved in such dedicated pursuits. This is especially the case with dance, particularly ballet.

As we’ve seen in our Youth Culture Studies, dance has increasingly become more important as a top sport to participate in and/or learn among both males and females. While not necessarily ballet, dance in general has picked up due to the plethora of YouTube videos and different types of dance illustrated in a variety of online formats that have captured the attention of this marketplace.

With Acne Paper focusing on young people with incredible talent in traditional disciplines, it introduces an interesting twist on a growing trend.

Cover from Acne Paper of their Youth Summer Issue 2011.

According to Acne Paper, their Summer Issue focuses on the young people who express great devotion to a creative practice from an early age or the young who breathe new life into old artisanal traditions. What is it like being a young ballet dancer today, or a classical musician, a playwright, or a craftsman?

The issue is intriguing in many ways as it portray and documents the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow for example, and the London performing arts scene among youth culture. There are beautiful images by Bruce Weber, and photography by Benjamin Alexander Huseby.

Worth a look especially in terms of inspiring one to think outside of the box of what a new generation involved in traditional arts is really all about in the age of 2011.