Incase’s launch of Soundesign.

Wearable technologies have become increasingly important to today’s tech-savvy generation, almost to the point of creating a new genre of “fashion accessories” themselves. In today’s round-up of the latest, Incase, the Apple-centric brand known for creating aesthetically cool cases for iPhones, laptops cases, and backpacks, has announced the launch of Incase Soundesign -designer headphones with precision sound engineering and of course, their signature iconic design.

“With Soundesign as our guiding ethos, we are focused on delivering headphones that bring together design simplicity and intuitive functionality with precision sound and maximum performance,” stated Markus Diebel, Incase VP of Design. “We are working to carefully balance form and function in the new audio collection because in the end, we want users to enjoy an audio experience with headphones that sound and feel as great as they look.”

The audio collection to be released this Fall 2011 will include four models: Sonic Over Ear, Reflex On Ear, Pivot On Ear and Capsule In Ear.

The acoustics of Incase headphones are mirrored by their physical design which is specifically designed to match the natural shape of the ear and head for better sound isolation. Each model also features an integrated microphone and remote control for use with Apple devices.

Tag Heuer Smartphone with Android software called Link.

In this unique collaboration, high-end Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has jumped into the smartphone game with their new Link Mobile Phone. Known for quality design, leather and other fabrications, and super precise engineering, this smartphone with Android software is as cutting-edge as it gets. And it’s reflected in its price at 4,652 Euros.

While not many younger people will probably be snapping it up at the pricepoint, the product does reflect the growing importance of design in one’s mobile devices. The fact that it’s Android is also interesting as Android is quickly outpacing iPhone especially among youth culture markets (details coming soon in our Summer Youth Culture Study 2011).

In sync with its high-end design, the phone is only available currently by pre-order in stores such as concept store colette in Paris.