Yohji Yamamoto, creator of Y-3 for Adidas. Photos courtesy of Adidas.

Adidas is ramping-up for their 10-year anniversary celebrating their collaboration with the elusive and eclectic designer, Yohji Yamamoto, creator of Adidas’ Y-3 with the launch of a documentary featuring some incredible insights.

Called “Yohji Yamamoto: This Is My Dream,” the short documentary delves deep into how the designer comes about creating design, his love for cutting vs. fashion, and his ideology on life, which includes among other things, an abhorrence for power. “I’m an epicurean,” he says at one point, facing the camera straight-on. “I’m an anarchist.”

The film, directed by Theo Stanley, brings you in and out of Yamamoto’s world, from seeing him crouching on the floor to look at Polaroids of models for his shows, to the cutting and sewing areas where you see him smoking a cigarette (despite Adidas being an activewear company) and contemplating the flow of various fabrics.

Y-3 collection.

“For my total life, I am comfortable being in black, not in the light. I was born in Tokyo, after bombs. So maybe this is my root, a ruined Tokyo. This dark side of the life is attractive for me, forever,” says Yohji Yamamoto, and this is how the documentary begins.

Adidas’ Y-3 collection is very popular in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., but Adidas says they plan to keep it somewhat niche, even though they will be debuting corresponding eyewear in the near future. They have extended Yamamoto’s contract until 2015, but plan to keep Y-3 at its more exclusive level in terms of retail in the near future with plans for only a few more flagship stores in the U.S. and Europe to open soon.

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The documentary is debuting at the Tribeca Grand Hotel within a series of Adidas events in full-effect during New York Fashion Week later this year.

Check-out the trailer here:

YOHJI YAMAMOTO: THIS IS MY DREAM from Huge Conglomerate on Vimeo.