Rebel Music on mtvU.

Young people continue to rise-up for change through art and music, and MTV-U has captured this effectively in a new 6-part series called Rebel Music. Utilizing short videos to showcase changes being made in Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Mexico, India, Egypt, and Mali, the series shows how powerful art and music can be towards creating an entire movement for a better way of life.

Shepard Fairey is an executive producer of the series, creating the visual identity for the shows, along with filmmaker, Nusrat Durrani as he travels to each of these locations and captures the insider perspective of young people using their talents for change.

Each episode of Rebel Music highlights a new group of fearless youth who are fighting injustice with passion and creativity. Exposing audiences to inspiring stories from each location, Rebel Music is a portrait of those risking their lives today in the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Rebel Music Schedule:

  • EGYPT 11/18 @ 9/8c
  • AFGHANISTAN 11/18 @ 9:30/8:30c
  • MALI 11/25 @ 9/8c
  • INDIA 12/02 @ 9/8c
  • ISRAEL/PALESTINE 12/09 @ 9/8c
  • MEXICO 12/16 @ 9/8c

Check it out: